Easy Vegan Cranachan In Only 5 Ingredients

easy vegan cranachan
easy vegan cranachan
I hope you guys like all things Scottish because I can guarantee you that since moving to Scotland a year and a half ago, I have only fallen more in love with this country.

It’s been a while since my last Vegan In Scotland post, for which I feel pretty bad because there’s nothing I enjoy more than showing off all the good things about Scotland. And one of the greatest things about Scotland (besides Gerard Butler and James MacAvoy, of course) is that it’s becoming noticeably easier to eat a plant-based diet here. I’m really looking forward to reviewing more shops, restaurants and café across Scotland, and especially in my new home, Edinburgh.
easy vegan cranachan
I didn’t manage to get this post up before Burn’s Night, sadly, though I did give a preview on Instagram. I’d love to see all your homemade vegan (Scottish) creations, so if you’re on social media, tweet/tag me in/send me a pic! You can certainly expect to see more Scottish recipes veganised on this blog in the future. Watch this space!

Cranachan (KRAN-ah-chahn) is a superbly simple and scrumptious dessert made from the very stuff that Scotland is hewn from (no, that’s not men in kilts — focus, please): raspberries, honey, oats, dairy cream and, of course, whisky. Good ol’ single malt Highland whisky. It doesn’t taste too alcoholic, though, so don’t worry if you don’t like the strong, smokey taste of whisky; the alcohol serves more to enhance the flavour of the other ingredients and bring this dessert to a whole new level.
easy vegan cranachan
easy vegan cranachan
Now, I never have claimed to be a great chef. It’s not just that I want instant gratification — I firmly believe that great food can be made really simply and with few ingredients. This pudding requires only 5 ingredients and can be rustled up in minutes.

Traditionally you would toast oats to sprinkle over the top, but I don’t want to bother putting on a pan and watching the oats toasting in the honey/agave nectar. Instead I crumbled some Nairn berries oat biscuits, which are gluten-free and made right here in Edinburgh from Scottish oats. Super simple and much crunchier than toasted oats.

Raspberries are obviously not in season, so you can use frozen (as I do here); they will defrost surprisingly quickly once the dessert is assembled, you just might want to prep the pudding an hour before eating and leave it in the fridge to set and give the raspberries a chance to defrost as much as possible. Their juices will also start oozing a little bit into the cream ,which is heavenly.

Good whisky is expensive. You just can’t get around that. Either buy a wee taster bottle for under a tenner, or get yourself the real deal and enjoy a dram every once in a while on a cold winter’s night. I don’t know who you are, but if you even consider buying Famous Grouse, I will find you, and I will — er, not kill you, but I’m sure you read this in a Liam Neeson voice and are now cowering in fear. Right? Right.

Bonus points for this dessert: it’s actually pretty healthy, much as I loathe that concept. Coconut cream contains fairly healthy fats, the biscuits have a lot of fibre, and the raspberries are the bounty of this Earth! And the whiskey — well, the whiskey is just necessary for the salvation of your precious soul. Aside from the sugar in the biscuits, which is already pretty low, there is no sugar in this recipe if you use stevia or xylitol. Score!
easy vegan cranachan

Easy Vegan Cranachan In Only 5 Ingredients

250g (1 cup) coconut cream
3/4 tsp stevia/xylitol OR 2 tbsp icing sugar
a big handful of raspberries, frozen or fresh
2 tsps Single Malt Scotch Whisky (I like Bunnahabhain)
Nairn berries oat biscuits

1. Whisk the coconut cream, sweetener and whisky in a small bowl until smooth and even. Divide half of the cream between two small pudding glasses.

2. Add a few raspberries and half of the biscuits, crumbled, to each glass.

3. Top with the remainder of the cream, the raspberries and the biscuits, and ta-dah! You have a vegan Cranachan.

Are there any Scottish desserts you’d like me to veganise, and/or places to eat you’d like me to review?

Love and cookies,