Oat Milk Recipes + Introducing Oatly

A while back I shared an article on my Facebook page: it reports that non-dairy milks (or ‘drinks’, as they’re legally called) are now more popular than ever in the UK. I remember when, over three years ago, after I decided to eat a plant-based diet I went to the long-life milk aisle in Tesco and could only find one type: Alpro Soya Milk. That was it! Pretty soon other brands appeared and prices became more competitive. And now even in Scotland I am spoiled for choice. The latest ‘milk’ on the market is Oatly, a Swedish brand of oat milk, and one that I have quickly grown fond of.

There are heaps of reasons for this: Oatly drinks are GMO free, made in Europe (so kind of more local for me), nut-free and soya-free for any of you allergic people out there, and their marketing is pretty darn cute. (‘Wow, no cow!’) And as they say, ‘It’s like milk, but made for humans.’ That, right there, is why I’m vegan. Cow milk was made for cows, plants were made for animals and people to eat. In the UK they have several flavours available: Original, Organic Original, Chocolate (definitely my favourite) and Chai (haven’t found it in my local Sainsbury’s yet), and of course Organic Creamy Oats.
Wow no cow collage
On a Sunday  morning after a late night shift I made myself a heavenly Chocolate Oat Milk Frappé with Oatly Chocolate Drink and Oatly Cream. I can’t think of a better way to start the day! I’ve also made myself a simple Amaretto hot chocolate with Oatly chocolate drink: just two ingredients heated in a pan make for a delightful nightcap.
OATLY frappe 1


Maca Chocolate Frappé with Oatly Oat Drink

  • Servings: makes 1 large serving
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2 bananas (frozen)
1 cup Oatly chocolate milk
2 ice cubes
1 tsp cashew butter (optional)
a shot of espresso OR 1 tsp espresso powder
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp cacao powder
a dash of Oatly cream, to serve
cacao and cinnamon, to serve

Place the frozen bananas, chocolate milk, cashew butter, espresso, cacao and maca powders in a high-speed blender and blend till smooth. Add the ice cubes and blend for a few seconds, until the ice is crushed but still lends some texture to the drink.

Pour into a large glass. Add a dash of Oatly Cream, dust with cacao and cinnamon. Enjoy immediately.

Using Oatly Organic I prepared this scrumptious lemon sugar crêpe for breakfast. I found the oat milk has a delicate flavour, with a barely perceptible sweetness (even though no sweeteners are used in the formula).
OATLY crepe
I’ve been using Oatly the Original in my smoothies, porridge and baked goods with great success. It binds ingredients well, has a subtle flavour, and provides a bit of extra fibre too. Oatly Cream is one of my favourite new products; if you happen to be intolerant or allergic to soya and/or don’t like coconut cream because of its distinct flavour, you should try Oatly Cream! The non-distinct flavour means it won’t overpower other ingredients in your recipes and similarly binds well. I’ve made an orgasmic amazing mac ‘n cheese using Oatly Cream.
OATLY mac n cheese
All in all I’m really pleased with Oatly products and will definitely be buying them again in the future. The Oat Cream especially because it doesn’t have that distinctive soy flavour that soya cream or coconut cream have.

Have you ever tried oat milk before? What have you made with it? Leave me your suggestions below, I’d love to share recipe ideas with you!

Disclaimer: I was endorsed for the products reviewed here but as always all opinions are my own. Oat milk rocks. Drink it up. 

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