‘Vegan For Fun’ Attila Hildmann – Book Review + GIVEAWAY {ENDED}

814AyeMk52L._SL1500_If veganism had been hard (as many people, all too often, ask me whether it is) I could never have done it. If I’d had to eat bland salads, tasteless meals or yucky soups every day, I would have thrown in the towel instantly.

Thankfully, veganism is a lot more fun than that.

Attila’s got the kind of attitude I like – his vegan manifesto is that eating and cooking with healthy ingredients is fun, and even better you’re helping making the world a better place at the same time. Win-win situation, right? 🙂

My current flatmate is German, and I spent a week in Germany when I was 17; back then I was a vegetarian, and I thought veggie options were thin on the ground in Berlin and Münich, where I spent most of my time. So imagine my delight when I discovered Attila’s book; a lot of typical German fare is effortlessly veganised and – dare I say it – looks and tastes even better than the real deal!

My cooking has been in a bit of a rut lately, but Vegan For Fun has injected some new life into my cooking. I’ve tried sandwich flavours I’d never thought of before, made an extravagant and oh-so-simple dessert that pleased my non-vegan friends, and guess what – I had a lot of fun cooking and eating this food.  IMG_1934
Of course, I had to make a döner, which is a hugely popular meal in Germany. I may have slightly overstuffed mine, and I added ketchup just because, but man it was good and filling.
My new favourite sandwich is undoubtedly the Cashew Dream Sandwich. Cashew butter in a savoury sandwich. Who knew. It was a party in my mouth.
But we all know I adore gnocchi. I’ve tried making them before, but unsuccessfully – until now, that is. Attila’s foolproof recipe has made me a pro in gnocchi making (and now at last I know what to do with all those potatoes I get in my veg box).

But guys – we need to talk about the Snicky Bars? Obviously based on Snickers, these are the bomb dot com (yes I just said that). I was never a huge Snickers fan until I met my Cookie Monster, who loves to eat all sorts of chocolate bars in front of me, knowing full well I can’t have them. These bars (which I made in triangles) hit that spot, bullseye. You’ve got to try these!
‘Every vegan meal helps both individuals and all of us. I simply want to get as many people as possible excited about vegan food.’ – Attila Hildmann

Vegan For Fun has a couple of chapters on resources, eating on the go, handy websites, Atilla’s fitness tips, shopping and cooking tips – basically everything you need to know in a nutshell to make your transition to veganism super fun. What I like most about this book and its author is that he just looks like a cool guy (um, and he’s easy on the eyes, too.)

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a free digital copy of the book but as always all opinions are my own. 

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