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Review policy – I love reviewing new products and books that fit into the vegan diet and lifestyle, especially eco-friendly/sustainable, local and/or natural products. Because I am UK-based I like to review books and products relevant to the UK and Ireland, but I may also review international products. If you would like to send me products or books to review, do get in touch. 

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  1. You are absolutely adorable! I just recently found your site and I LOVE it. I have four daughters, my 12 year old daughter Scotland has been a vegetarian since she was five. The internet has been a lifesaver when finding creative and fun things for her to eat. The first site I found was Oh She Glows but I love your photography and recipes! Thank you for all your posts!


  2. Good Afternoon

    We handle the PR for tibits, one of the leading vegetarian restaurants in London. Located in the fashionable Heddon Street Food Quarter, off Regent Street, tibits offers over 40 delicious, healthy yet satisfying hot dishes, salads, soups, desserts, smoothies, cocktails, wines and beers from its unique ‘food boat’, all enjoyed in a stylish but relaxing environment.

    80% of the dishes on the menu are vegan and tibits regularly holds vegan days when all the hot dishes and all the desserts are 100% vegan.

    If you live in/near or visit London, we’d love to invite you to come in with a guest for a complimentary meal to review it for your blog. Please let me know a date and time that suit you and I’ll be happy to book you in.

    Alternatively, if you are outside London, would you be interested in reviewing or running a recipe from tibits’ recently published cookery book, ‘tibits at home: stylish vegetarian cuisine’? I can send you a copy of the press release.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


  3. I am trying to follow receipe for Bourbon Tiramisu – USA – don’t understand measurements. Having a vegan friend for dinner, this dessert looks delicious. Please help.
    Thank you


    • Hi Kathi,

      It’s an older recipe of mine, hence there aren’t any US measurements listed (I only started doing this in the past year). If you want to use an older recipe of mine you can always google measurement conversions, they’re usually accurate.

      For this recipe, the US measurements are:
      1 can full-fat coconut milk = 14 oz
      100g walnuts = 3.5 oz
      50ml water = just under 1/4 cup
      3 shots of coffee liqueur = that’s about 75ml, or 1/3 cup
      250g Bourbon creams (these are chocolate cream biscuits, you’d best use something like chocolate Oreos as you won’t find Bourbon creams in the US) = 8.75 oz
      150ml strong coffee = 1/2 cup and a tablespoon

      I hope that helps. Enjoy your tiramisu!



  4. Just came upon your site and specifically your crème brûlée post. Just wanted to let you know it appears you have an image link issue on there that doesn’t allow people to see the recipe! Can’t wait for this to be fixed so I can give it a try.


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