Vegan S’Mores Brownie In A Mug

#Vegan S'mores Brownie In A Mug Cake

Instant satisfaction has a name: Vegan S’Mores Brownie In A Mug.

#Vegan S'mores Brownie In A Mug Cake #Vegan S'mores Brownie In A Mug Cake

One of the things that came with my new flat was a microwave oven. I’d never had one for years due to lack of space and the knowledge that microwaving your food isn’t so healthy, but adult life has taught me that when you’re tired and overworked, it’s ok to microwave your food. And then I realised one far more valuable thing: 

I could make cakes in two minutes in my microwave oven.

#Vegan S'mores Brownie In A Mug Cake

For this cake, you need 8 ingredients, 3 minutes, and a bottomless stomach. (Don’t know about you, but that fits my description…) 

Can’t find vegan marshmallows at your local supermarket? I got mine from Holland&Barrett, a health food shop chain in the UK, so check your local health food shop, they might stock some vegan marshmallows. If not, there’s always the Internet. 

This cake is beyond easy to make. If you haven’t made cakes in a mug before, try it now! I think it’s a pretty fun way to surprise your friends too (how often do they get served cake from a mug, honestly?) so it’s a fun idea for a party or afternoon tea. 

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#Vegan S'mores Brownie In A Mug Cake
#Vegan S'mores Brownie In A Mug Cake

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#Vegan S'mores Brownie In A Mug Cake

[yumprint-recipe id=’13’] Hi, my name is Clem and I’m a microwave addict cook. Fellow microwave oven addicts, raise your hands! 

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6 thoughts on “Vegan S’Mores Brownie In A Mug

    • They are the first commercial vegan marshmallows I was able to find in the UK and they’re really delicious! They taste just like the marshmallows I remember trying in my childhood. It’s wonderful that they’re now available in Holland&Barrett, though you may need to check availability of stock in your nearest H&B branch.


  1. I don’t usually cook with microwave, but It’s definitely the best to heat food without having to use the normal oven or making a mess.
    I always read your blog but it’s the first time that I post a comment, and I’m feeling a bit shy right now…
    Anyway, I like your blog and your writing!


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