Coffee Shop Matcha Latte

Coffee Shop Vegan Matcha Latte

Happy St Patrick’s Day! 

I’ve concocted a coffee shop-worthy brew to help you celebrate the day in style, though I do like to enjoy this drink any day, any time, it’s so yummy. It doesn’t taste like earth (promise), but it’s sweet and creamy, and best of all it has that frothy topping that you get from your favourite coffee shop latte! Move over, Starbucks.

 Coffee Shop #Vegan #Matcha #Latte 2

I wasn’t feeling so hot about the holiday this year. An Irish person away from the motherland on this day is not a happy sight to see, especially when his national holiday falls on a Tuesday and he has to go to his new job in the new city where he’s just moved to. It’s not the carefree day I would have wished for Mr Cookie Monster. Every year is the year I hope we’ll go to Dublin and celebrate in style, but funds and timing have so far not come together in our favour. Next year…

I also didn’t think I’d come up with something suitably inventive and green to eat today, either; and it seemed a poor way to celebrate the holiday. (Nobody in Ireland eats green things on St Paddy’s Day. Nobody.) But then I looked down into my freshly brewed cup of matcha latte and realised the irony of that thinking. I’ve been drinking these lattes for weeks now and – DUH! – they’re green!

Coffee Shop #Vegan #Matcha #Latte 3

So this morning I made green crêpes for breakfast, just because I felt suddenly inspired and was craving pancakes, I’m going to have avocado on toast for lunch (green again!) and I’m sipping on a coffee shop matcha latte as I type this. Tonight we’ll take a stroll through the city to see Edinburgh Castle lit up in green. Maybe today’s a success after all 🙂

Want more Irish recipes to celebrate in style? How about some Hot Whiskey to warm the cockles of your heart, a luxurious Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake to share, a naughty Irish Cake for your sins perhaps, a boozy Irish Cream Hot Chocolate to drown away the cold today, or maybe you need something sweet just for yourself, so try this Irish Chocolate. Fancy a nibble? Whiskey truffles and almond praline it is, then. Or my all-time personal favourite, Chocolate Stout Brownies. 

Coffee Shop Vegan Matcha Latte   

[yumprint-recipe id=’12’]I can’t resist. You need to listen to this song, which is the most Irish song ever known to mankind. For more traditional Irish music, I recommend this oldie but goodie. And just because I feel like bragging, here are some photos from my trips to Ireland. 

The (really really really windy) Cliffs of Moher. 

THE FATHER TED HOUSE. (Only true fans will understand how AMAZING this is!)

Dusk over the Liffey in Dublin. 

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