Chocolate Speculoos Cookies

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I’m such a tease, I know. It’s been weeks since I posted a photo of this recipe on Instagram, but in my defence I have been working crazy hours since the start of the month. My job at the Edinburgh International Book Festival is fantastic but the commute is long and I do work six days per week, so I have zero time to bake sweet treats right now.
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Not that you need tons of time to whip up a batch of these cookies. Making the chocolate Speculoos spread is a breeze: just blend biscuits, cocoa powder and milk until smooth, which takes about two minutes, and you’re done. The tricky part is refraining from eating all the chocolate spread before it makes it into the cookies… (I made a monstrous amount of the spread, and only about a quarter ended up in the cookies. Oops.)
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Seriously, this spread. If you don’t end up eating it straight out of the blender I will question your sanity. It is the best thing to ever come out of my kitchen. Make it today and your life will never be the same. For reals.
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A note on Speculoos. I know these tasty biscuits (cookies) are becoming popular all over the globe, even existing in a form of spread known as ‘cookie butter’ in the USA, but I wonder if international readers know what I’m talking about when I speak of Speculoos? (Also known as Speculaas, which is the Flemish pronunciation, as opposed to the French pronunciation.) I have never known a life without these biscuits – they are omnipresent in the Low Countries and I have made many recipes based on this childhood staple (exhibit A, B, C.) If you don’t know what they are, please refer to this Wikipedia article and enlighten yourself. Speculoos are widely produced and sold by Lotus, who also created the sweet spread from these biscuits – in the UK this spread, and the biscuits, are sold under the name ‘Biscoff’. (Why, I haven’t the foggiest.)
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Chocolate Speculoos Cookies

  • Servings: makes 12 large cookies
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Notes: I know 1 tbsp sugar sounds very little, but trust me when I say the biscuits/cookies are already so sweet that you hardly need to add any sweetener. Feel free to omit the sugar completely. 

For the chocolate Speculoos spread:

300g (10.5oz) Speculoos/Biscoff biscuits
260ml (1 cup + 1 tbsp) oat milk
3-4 tbsp cocoa powder

In a processor, blitz the biscuits to a fine powder, then add the milk little by little and finally the cocoa powder. Within a few minutes you should obtain a smooth, creamy, dark paste. Pour into an air-tight jar (probably about pint-sized but it’s hard to tell due to constant sampling during recipe-making…).

For the cookies:

1 tbsp soft brown sugar
110g (3/4 cup) spelt flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
180ml (3/4 cup) chocolate Speculoos spread (see above)
180g (3/4 cup) vegan butter

Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC. Line two baking trays/sheets with baking parchment.

Cream the butter and sugar together, either by hand or with a mixer. Fold in the chocolate Speculoos spread, then the dry ingredients.

Chill the dough for about 20 minutes in the fridge.

Roll the dough into 12 large balls. Press these flat onto the baking trays/sheets band bake for 15 minutes.

Cool on a wire rack.

Keep in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who loses all self-control when faced with chocolate Speculoos spread?

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