Vegan Easter Recipes Round-Up

I remember Easter at my aunt Suzette’s (yes, like the crêpes!) when I was little: driving to Zeebrugge, playing in the living room with the kids while the adults caught up with one another, the fierce sea breeze whipping our faces during our walks, and the chocolate. So many chocolate eggs. For a while we even tried painting hard-boiled eggs, but we aren’t a religious family so that didn’t catch on. But chocolate eggs, and bunnies, and hens – well, who needs an excuse? Ever since I moved away I’ve not had an Easter egg hunt, and it’s one tradition I miss dearly. Mum used to hide enough eggs to last us a whole month.

Easter is my second favourite holiday after Christmas because it celebrates spring and the return of so many fresh crops we’ve missed during the winter. I haven’t felt much like baking since February – even I get the winter blues – but now I get the urge to make carrot cakes, sponge cakes towering with whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar, cupcakes and teacakes galore.

I’ve made a list of all the things I’d want to make for Easter, though it’s unlikely I’ll have the time to do so (and even I can’t eat that much). I hope you find the recipes useful; if you’re planning on making any for Easter, do take a picture and send it to me, I enjoy seeing your personal touches on my recipes. Happy Easter to you all!

Chocolate Chai Hot Cross Buns

Simnel Cake

Easter Cake Pops {raw + vegan + gluten-free + nut-free}

Pistachio Chocolate Truffles

Whiskey Truffles with Almond Praline

Guylians Chocolate Seashells Pralines

Malibu Marbles

Chocolate Stout Cake

Strawberry Mousse

What are your plans for Easter this year?

Love and cookies,
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4 thoughts on “Vegan Easter Recipes Round-Up

  1. Easter has always been a family thing for me too. We’re not religious but it’s a time to get everyone together for a meal. Now I’ve got little nephews and a niece we’ve revived the Easter egg hunt tradition too.They’ll be celebrating without me this year since I’m away 😦 I’m thinking about a day trip on Sunday instead…
    Love the look of those chocolate chai hot cross buns!


  2. I wish I had have see this earlier! Those hot cross buns would have been perfect for Easter dinner. Oh well, they can go on the list of things I want to make! 🙂 Maybe the chocolate cake too, because you know, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate cake.


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