Blog Tour: My Writing Process

Ever wondered how a food blogger and writer works? My lovely publisher Tarja Moles from Luscious Books nominated me to answer a few questions about my writing process as part of a virtual blog tour. Lots of other bloggers are taking part, so look out for the #blogtour hashtags on Twitter.

What am I working on?

Vegan ice creams UKEUR cover
Aside from my blog, which is a constant work in progress, I am currently testing, photographing, and writing recipes for my next two e-books, which will be published later this year (date tbc) by Luscious Books. The times are Christmas and chocolate – I can’t wait to show my readers the results of my hard work. I also blog on every fourth Monday of the month (next post is on 24 March).

How does my work differ from others in the genre?
I think my type of cooking and baking is the kind lots of people look for because it focuses on simplicity and affordability without compromising on quality. It’s the little things in life that make it so great, so why complicate anything? I like to think my style – of baking, blogging and writing in general – reflects who I am as a person, and that means it’s honest,  sweet and as natural as possible.

Kind of like these cookies.

Why do I write what I do?
I like to combine life writing and recipes in my blog posts. Every recipe I post on my blog (and there are many that go unpublished, for various reasons) has a story. That is how I see food in general: where did the inspiration for a recipe come from? What makes it special to its creator? Food is a central part of my life so over time, as I developed my blog, I found it hard to separate my personal musings from my recipes. In fact I find that my recipes feel much ‘me’ now that I write a little bit about myself in each post.

How does my writing process go?
For an organised person, my writing process can pretty chaotic. Recipe writing is a mess: I have a notebook by me in the kitchen and hastily scribble directions and measurements as I’m baking. That notebook is stained, tattered, and even torn in some places. When I sit down to write a blog post, I tend to just sit quietly in front of my blank screen for a moment, then the inspiration comes. It is like writing in my diary but in a more organised fashion. I will re-read through everything several times to check spelling and grammar, but also the measurements and directions for my recipes.

I hope that’s insightful for you all. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to take a look at the other bloggers on the tour. Next Monday, we’re leaping into the world of fashion with my friend Thalia from Fashion Galaxies XO, who you may recognise from our blogger meet-up last year.


Love and cookies,

TheVeganCookieFairySignature #2

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: My Writing Process

  1. This is a lovely post! It’s so true, food, or fashion, or art in general really can tell a story, which makes it interesting and unique! Love it. 🙂


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