Winner of the Skinny Bitch Bakery Giveaway Contest!

I am proud to announce that the winner of Kim Barnouin’s brand new Skinny Bitch Bakery is…

Emma Potts

Here is her entry:

I wholeheartedly commiserate Emma for her loss. Meringues are, alas, simply not something you can veganise. Many have tried, many have failed. No more Baked Alaskas for us. (And you should definitely read Skinny Bitch, despite its being highly graphic and soul-destrying.)

Emma, you shall be emailed shortly with details of your free copy 🙂

Thanks to everyone for entering! I wish I could give you all a free copy, you are lovely and totally deserving of free books. 

Love and cookies,

One thought on “Winner of the Skinny Bitch Bakery Giveaway Contest!

  1. Congrats Emma! I just got sent a box of Vegan meringues by Angel Food (do you get that brand in the UK?) I haven't tried them yet but after reading this I feel I may be destined for dissapointment haha! I have been curious about Skinny Bitch for a while and I recently just ordered it! I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail! Oh and the meme in this post is hilarious! The 'overwhelmed-with-excitement' guy in the poncho shirt expecially cracked me up! 🙂


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