Brecknock Road Vegan Festival

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know this Saturday I was at the Brecknock Road Vegan Festival. Organised by Fat Gay Vegan.

brecknock flyer

I arrived at about half past twelve on a rainy Saturday, hungry for some good honest grub and impatient to meet Emma from Coconut & Berries. We found each other in The Third Estate, which sells Will’s Vegan Shoes. I had a poke about but the shoes were all way out of my price range. 

We then had a tough decision before us: The Mighty Fork or Rupert’s Street? I’d already tried the former (as you may remember) so went for Rupert’s Street; Emma went for the Plain Jane hot dog from TMF. My lunch was a scrumptious cashew and mushroom veggie burger with a bland salad on the side (didn’t eat it); I also bought two slices of spiced apple cake – one for The Cookie Monster, one for me. I ate it later, each spoonful dipped in my hazelnut hot chocolate. Divine. 

 Their little kitchen in a van was adorable. 

 We didn’t get a look at Bumblebee natural foods (not from the inside, anyway) though it looked very well stocked and full of happy customers. 

We did, however, get a cup of Ethiopian tea at Muya. Emma assured me that I must try Ethiopian food; another time! 

It was a tiny festival but hopefully next year it will be bigger. It’s good to see more food markets and festivals popping up across London and other towns. It not only means better food but also encourages people to support small, local businesses. 

Have you gone to any good food markets lately? Which ones would you recommend?

3 thoughts on “Brecknock Road Vegan Festival

  1. Wow, what a fun vegan festival! That little kitchen was adorable and the burger looks yum! I haven’t gone to any food markets lately – I went to Buenos Aires Market (they host once a month in alternating neighborhoods). Found a raw/vegan stall that makes yummy tacos with raw parmesan! 🙂


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