There have been hints over the summer, but finally, finally I can reveal my great news: I WROTE AN E-BOOK!

It’s a big, big dream of mine to write vegan cookbooks. I love sharing my recipes and experiments with you here, but I get most of my inspiration (and if I’m perfectly honest, entertainment) from cookbooks, and so ever since I became vegan I’ve had ambitions of writing cookbooks. So of course I was thrilled when Tarja from Luscious Books accepted my proposal. 

I know winter is coming, but I like eating ice creams year-round. You see ice cream = dessert and dessert = yummy, and I eat yummy stuff on a daily basis, soooo…

I wrote a short e-book containing 15 easy vegan ice creams recipes. You don’t need an ice cream-maker to recreate the recipes, only your appetite and a little patience. 

Black Forest Ice Cream

Here’s what you get in the e-book:

* a concise guide to making ice cream without an ice cream-maker

* 15 tantalising recipes, from sumptuous sorbets to luxurious ice creams
* tips to adjust the recipes to your needs – whether you need to make them low-fat, sugar-free, or raw, I’ve got you covered

Oh and did I mention it’s only £1.53? A true bargain.

Superfood Sundae. Raw superfoods ice cream.

Basically my e-book is short and sweet. It’s available on all Amazon websites: Please note that we have created a different edition for the USA because of the difference in measurements. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. My favourite!

I’m very proud of this little book. It took me a solid month of hard work to test and write all the recipes, plus the introduction and guide to ingredients, not to mention shooting the photos – and all of this whilst working a 9 to 5 internship, maintaining the blog and just, y’know, life in general. 

So I hope you enjoy the book! It does not contain images except for the cover image, but I can share all the photos I shot with you here. 

 Black Forest Ice Cream

 Jaffa Cake Ice Cream

Mango Lassi Crunch Frozen Yogurt. Very very close second favourite. 

Oreo Soft Serve. 

Banana Ice Cream

Lemon Sorbet

 The Vegan Cookie Fairy’s Decadent Ice Creams Anyone Can Make by Clémence Moulaert, published by Luscious Books, is now available via Amazon


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