Life in Scotland – My kitchen, my new home, and food, of course.

Hello my lovely readers! So it’s been nearly three weeks that I’ve been settled into my new flat and I haven’t even shown you around yet. How rude of me. 

I don’t think there is much point in showing my entire flat, but  of course I need to give you a grand tour of my not-so-grand but oh-so-lovely kitchen. 

So, the basics: I now live in Stirling, which is a small but central and historically important town in Scotland. I moved here to attend the University of Stirling, where I am currently doing my Masters (and I love it! Definitely no regrets there.) You’ll remember it was heart-breaking for me to move away from my friends, family and boyfriend, but when you have a dream, you simply must live it. 

Stirling is gorgeous. Magical. For a history nerd like me, it’s heaven. Watch this episode of A History of Scotland, narrated by the illustrious (and sadly married) Neil Oliver, to find out why. When I wake up in the morning, this is what I see: 

 Stirling Castle, shrouded in morning mist. I took this photo from my living room.

And when I cycle or take the bus to university, this is what I see:

The Wallace Monument, named and built after William Wallace. The real hero of Scotland, not the Mel Gibson one. 

Every time, I’m floored. History was made here. The Ochil Hills watch over us in the North, like a live painting always changing with every breath of the wind, dappled with sunlight and patches of shadow dancing on the hilltops. Whenever I feel like it I can walk to the old town centre and sit in the Church of the Holy Rude, the only church in Great Britain outside of Westminster Abbey that has witnessed the crowning of a King. Mary freakin’ Queen of Scots was here. 

There is also another creature haunting this place, though perhaps less historical. Enter the neighbours’ cat:

So my kitchen, which is smaller but quainter than my old kitchen in London, now looks like this:

My first grocery shop, in my lovely wicker basket that Mum gave me:

I promptly set about filling my cupboards and fridge with good stuff:

And you knew this was coming:

As you can see, I’ve little cupboard space to play with. I have had to use every single nook and corner I could spot and cram them full of all spices, baking ingredients, superfoods and other hippie foods. This is a blessing in disguise: for the first time in my life I am going to have to face my hoarder habits and not clutter up my home. 

Other than that, Mali seems to be enjoying the garden very much. It’s lovely to have French doors so I can just pop them open, gaze at the castle, and enjoy the last rays of sunshine. 

Still not sold on Scotland? Tsk, we’ll have to remedy that. 

The girl with the red hair is my sister. She’s dyed her hair back to brown now. This is probably my favourite and best photo I’ve ever taken. I believe this was at the Palace in Falkirk in June 2012. The heart stone is the burial place of Robert The Bruce’s Heart. 

Myself sporting a tartan poncho, in Edinburgh, my favourite city in the whole world, in October 2011. I look really happy here, but I had just got out of a devastating relationship. Coming to Scotland has always been like taking a deep breath to me: it cures all my ailments. 

Thank you for letting me share my story and my new home with you. I hope you enjoyed getting a wee glimpse into my new life. Now I’m off to bake a devil’s food cake for you. Much love to you all xoxo

8 thoughts on “Life in Scotland – My kitchen, my new home, and food, of course.

  1. Gosh Stirling really is beautiful! When I visited Edinburgh this summer I was blown away by how gorgeous it was. I'll have to see more of Scotland.
    Your kitchen's really cute 🙂 I'm in a pretty similar situation in that I've just moved and have a MUCH smaller kitchen. Yours really does not look that tiny at all, especially compared to mine. Not all my stuff is in yet and I think I'm going to have to be very creative with the space.
    P.S I brought back a MacSweens haggis this summer from Scotland and loved it! I've since realized I can buy it in Waitrose too.


  2. Clem! It's so perfect for you, it's like you've found your soul mate. Everything looks very beautiful. I didn't need selling on Scotland's awesomeness. I must arrange a visit very soon. I miss you Clem, and super proud of you ❤ xxx


  3. Yes, come visit more! It's so lovely and wild and untamed!
    My other kitchen had a bar and stools, that's why this one feels small; it has much less counter space and only a few cupboards. I was spoilt in the other one. I had to put all my photography props in another room.
    Ah, Waitrose. Supermarkets of foodies. But so darn expensive.


  4. Thank you! Get a car and do a roadtrip, it's the best way to discover this country. Make a picnic and eat it on the shores of a loch. Climb a mountain or two. Sit in a pub and chat to old men with funny accents. Drink some whiskey. It's magical.


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