Pistachio Chocolate Truffles

If you follow me on Facebook, you got a wee teaser of these earlier this week. I know it was cruel, but don’t tell me it didn’t have your mouth watering. These are so good I may have totally on purpose accidentally eaten the whole batch in one day. 

The batch was only nine truffles, though. And they’re small. So that’s perfectly ok, you see. Healthy, even, some might argue. 

These don’t take a lot of effort, not even a whole lot of time, but there will be some time needed to set in the freezer. Don’t try the fridge: your truffles won’t set properly. Or maybe they will, but they’ll take forever. And we don’t have forever – we want our chocolate right now! 

The pistachio drizzling over the top of the chocolate coating is optional, but really, it isn’t. Once you’ve made your truffles with the pistachio drizzle, you won’t ever want them without it. Look. At. Them. They’re so pretty. 

Maybe the reason I ate them all is because I couldn’t resist biting into each truffle, splitting it in half, and discovering that gorgeous vibrant green inside. Like magic. Eating each truffle is like coming downstairs on Christmas morning. These may look sophisticated, but you’ll feel giddy eating them. 

Makes 9 truffles

Pistachio Filling

180g (6.34 oz) raw pistachios, shells removed
1 tbsp melted coconut oil
¾ tsp powdered stevia

If you are using a regular blender or food processor, place half the pistachios in the blender first and pulse until they have turned a fine powdery consistency. Add the remaining pistachios and process again. They will turn into a powder first, then into a smoother paste the longer you blend them. Add the melted coconut oil and stevia and blitz until all the ingredients are smooth, with only a few grains left.

Pour into a small bowl and freeze for about twenty minutes while you make the chocolate coating.

Line a freezer-safe dish or platter with baking parchment. Remove the pistachio filling from the freezer. Using a teaspoon (a melon scooper might work, too) scrape a walnut-sized amount of filling. Roll into a small ball in your hands, and place on the baking parchment. Repeat this process to create 9 truffles.

Freeze the truffles for another five minutes.

Chocolate Coating

225g (8 oz) dark, dark chocolate, roughly chopped or broken
½ tbsp melted coconut oil
¼ – 1/3 tsp powdered stevia

Place a small saucepan over low heat. Gently warm up the coconut oil, turn the heat really low, then add the chocolate and slowly let it melt. Stir occasionally to prevent burning. When the chocolate has become silky, stir in the stevia, then take off the heat.

Let it cool. Stir briefly before coating the pistachio balls into the chocolate, just to keep it manageably liquid. Dip each pistachio ball into the chocolate liquid, coating it well, then place back onto the baking parchment. Repeat this process for every single ball.

Place the truffles back in the freezer for another ten minutes.

NOTE: This makes a lot of chocolate, but you need that to be able to fully dip in your pistachio truffles. And you’ll have leftovers to make hot chocolate, perhaps to go with your truffles, if that’s not overdosing on chocolate for you. 

Pistachio Drizzle (optional)

Reserve a teaspoon of the wet pistachio filling. Place it in a small saucepan, along with a teaspoon of coconut oil, and melt the two together. Set aside to cool a little. When the truffles are coated with chocolate and have set, drizzle the pistachio liquid over them and freeze again.

Serve the truffles cold, preferably from the freezer. They will keep in the freezer up to a month, if you can resist them for that long. They’re very nice with a cup of rooibos tea (I had these with liquorice tea, see pictures, but it is nicer with rooibos/redbush.)

What’s your favourite chocolate truffle flavour combination? Any interesting preferences out there?

13 thoughts on “Pistachio Chocolate Truffles

  1. Cookie dough! Or coconut, or red velvet or…

    Okay, the correct answer to your question would probably be 'They're ALL my favorite flavors!'

    Either way, these look delicious, and I'm totally saving this recipe for a time when my house is empty and I don't have to share them!


  2. These sweet babies are calling out my name and most fortuitously as well. I was walking the dog and thinking about gorgeous healthy chocolates and came up with some interesting combinations including matcha and red bean paste and ginger and maron glace and now I get pistachio to add to my early morning walk fantasies 🙂 Cheers!


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