Strawberry Froyo on an Almond Butter-Dipped Cone.

From where I am sitting here, on the soft carpeted floor of my new living room in my flat in Scotland, there is a cold breeze sneaking in through the open French doors. (Yes, I have French doors!! Couldn’t be more excited, or happier, about that. The cat loves it, too.) And yet the sun is shining. And I promise you, though it could easily rain in a few minutes’ time, it is still quite warm here in September. It’s not too late yet for ice cream. Or maybe that’s just me being very British and clinging desperately to the last days of summers. 

My endless passion for almond butter knows no bounds. So enfatuated am I that recently, upon scooping some strawberry frozen yogurt for my dessert, a borderline obscene idea struck me…
What if I dipped my cone into my jar of almond butter?

Turns out the cone didn’t actually fit into the jar (damn it) so I just dipped a generous amount of the nutty goodness into a larger container, dunked that cone in, topped it with a generous scoop of froyo… and went straight to food nirvana. 

Even the cat thought it looked good.

You’ll have to excuse my preposterously over-exposed photos: I took them the only time I could, when I got home from work, and I was rather in rush to shoot the picture before the froyo melted all over me. 

Makes 1 tub of frozen yogurt

300g (2 heaped cups) fresh strawberries500ml (2 cups) plain or vanilla soy yogurt
2-4 medjool dates, soaked in water for an hour to soften, then pitted and chopped
a pinch of stevia or tiny drizzle of maple syrup

Blend all the ingredients until they form a smooth but thick liquid. 
Freeze for at least one hour (your freezer temperature may be different, so do keep checking that the yogurt has solidified) or if you plan or storing it for longer, stir the yogurt every half hour for a total period of 3 hours, then leave it in the freezer. This method beats air into the froyo, preventing it from turning it into a solid block of ice. 

Variations: Swirl some melted nut butter or plain soy yogurt through the froyo after about an hour in the freezer, then leave it be for a bit longer so all the flavours can set together. 

How are you enjoying the end of summer?

5 thoughts on “Strawberry Froyo on an Almond Butter-Dipped Cone.

  1. French doors?! I love these kinds of doors, aren't they lovely? I love the idea of dipping cones in a jar of almond butter – sound luscious! Your kitty is adorable, btw. Actually today in Valencia, the temperature went up to 90 degrees, and I got really tanned today!


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