Peachy Ginger Green Monster {Green Monster Series}

I would like to start by saying I have nothing against gingers (got some ginger hair myself underneath all this hair dye), so don’t go reading too much into this title.

In fact I love ginger, for many reasons:

* It boasts anti-inflammatory properties. If your joints ache, your muscles are sore, you’ve got cramps – just eat some ginger. You’ll feel much better. It is also excellent to boost your immune system so consuming ginger on a regular basis will help keep your nose snot-free. 
* It is wonderfully warming. Try adding some grated ginger to hot water or hot chocolate for a comforting brew.
* It helps to reduce flatulence (ain’t that a miracle!). Other than that, it has many other gastrointestinal benefits, such as relief from vomiting and nausea during pregnancy, motion sickness, and even protection against colorectal cancer. A potent little root, to say the least.
* Oh and apparently it’s an aphrodisiac. Go try that.

Sources: Food Matters,

So drink it, or eat it! I love adding a small chunk to my juices (I repeat: small chunk, as this is a very potent little root, mind you) or grating some in my smoothies, soups, stir-frys and desserts. Even hot chocolate with some grated ginger is lovely. Or brown rice, hmm.Try it in any which way you like, a little to begin with, and figure out for yourself how you like to consume this root. I think we could all do with incorporating more into our diet, especially in the winter when our immune system can use all the help it can get.

Serves 1

2 ripe peaches, stones removed and flesh cut into small chunks
1 frozen banana, sliced
250ml almond milk (or water, but that will make it less creamy)
1 handful kale
1 tsp chia seeds
1 cm / half an inch cube of fresh, peeled ginger, grated (or more if you like a good kick in your smoothie)

Blend all ingredients at high speed and serve immediately. If your blender is a bit old or just not so high-tech, add the frozen banana bit by bit to spare your machine and add a little more milk or water as needed.

Want more green smoothie inspiration, but don’t know where to start? Read all bout it here in my Green Monster Series.

2 thoughts on “Peachy Ginger Green Monster {Green Monster Series}

  1. I got really confused there and had to read back through the whole thing before I spotted my mistake – I meant ginger in brown rice, as in when you cook some rice to go with your curry… Ha, my bad! I sometimes think I'm making sense when I'm obviously not 😛


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