The Mighty Fork – Venn Street Market

Look. At. This. Beast.

If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen that I went to Venn Street Market a couple of weeks ago to enjoy something I’d greatly been looking forward to: The Mighty Fork vegan hot dogs.

But let me first quickly show you how lovely Venn Street Market is:

I happened upon this stall, which I’d also seen at Brixton Market. I tried a few samples and was instantly convinced of the quality of the breads (which are more like really dense, moist and super flavourful cakes) but restrained myself because, well, money’s tight these days (isn’t it always, though…)

And more veggie temptation…

And look, the adorable cupcakes by the one and only Ms Cupcake (again, if you follow my Twitter, you’ll know that I also worked at her stall at Lambeth Country Show two weekends ago – it was FAB.)

But this day was all about hot dogs. Anticipation had built up to an almost unbearable point but finally, finally I was rewarded.

The prices are really decent for London (4 quid for a hot dog, 4 QUID), and for fresh vegan food – especially considering that each hot dog is bursting with flavour and heat. These hot dogs are bold and messy but oh-so-satisfying.

Having tried a forkful of sauerkraut and barely managed to swallow (ew is all I can say, but then again I was never one for sour foods) I went for the Brew Dog: spicy, downright dirty, and simply epic. I was not disappointed.

Indeed, I loved every single bite.

I can’t recommend The Mighty Fork enough. It’s the ultimate veggie treat for a successful weekend, and if you have any sceptical meat-loving, veg-hating friends, this is what you want to serve them to convince them that plant-based does not lack in flavour and does indeed pack a serious punch. Head down to Clapham Common this weekend for a taste of this epic food.

13 thoughts on “The Mighty Fork – Venn Street Market

  1. So pleased you made it there, and that you loved it. Venn St. Market looks so pretty, as do you :)Global Fusion Creole food came to Oxford once and I adored their fruity cakes/breads. I'm not in London much at the moment but when I am I need to make Mighty Fork a priority!


  2. Thanks for the lovely review! It was really nice meeting you and we hope to see you soon. 🙂
    We won't be at Venn Street Market this weekend or the next though, we'll be popping at Cabbages & Frocks Market on Marylebone High Street on August 10 and 17, and we're back to Venn Street on Aug 24 and 31.


  3. Amazing how you can find anything vegan or veggie these days! Must make it so much easier to be able to gorge in guilt-free treats =)
    I must admit I'm not veggie/vegan, but I do find veggie food absolutely delicious! and that hot dog? amazing.

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog



  4. I know! Everything has changed very quickly (and for the better!) ever since I went vegan two and a half years. I am certain this way of living is the future. It's the only way. The current Western diet (and lots of other diets) just aren't sustainable in the long run. Thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad you enjoy the veggie food 🙂 xoxo


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