Crockford Bridge PYO Farm

In June, the Cookie Monster and I took a train to Byfleet & New Haw to visit the nearest Pick-Your-Own farm in London. It was a blistering 30ºC or so, and we sweated like sinners in church, but it was such an enjoyable experience. 

A local advised us to take this picturesque path to the farm, which was such a lovely surprise. When you live in London you sometimes forget how charming the English countryside can be; I couldn’t think of better way to spend my weekend. 

When we got to the farm, we set to picking the freshest produce. 

Beautiful chard and spinach for my green smoothies? Yes please. 

The red currants weren’t quite ripe yet (sad face) but it’s now high season, so go picking! 

But the strawberries were simply divine. Just look at their colour – the photos are unedited

We met this adorable family who had just picked several pounds of strawberries. They were too cute not to photograph. 

After a couple of hours, this was our booty: strawberries, rhubarb (for a crumble I made – recipe coming soon!), a bunch of spinach and chard, TONS OF PEAS (I’m in love with peas – forever and for always), and some gooseberries for the mister (ew gooseberries).

And on the way back, along that same canal, we passed this majestic dog:


It was such a splendid day, and nothing compares to picking your own ingredients, fresh from the earth. I believe that this is how we were meant to be living, and sometimes I miss that lifestyle so much I feel a pinch in my heart. I was so blessed to grow up on a farm. Someday I will live like that again. 

If you would like to visit Crockford Bridge Farm yourself, here is what you need to know:

* Click here for their website. 
* Contact: 

New Haw Road, Addlestone, Nr. Weybridge, Surrey KT15 2BU

Info Line: 01932 853 886  Farm Shop: 01932 852 630

* The nearest station is Byfleet & New Haw. Trains leaving from Waterloo to Woking will stop there (check
• It is a good 25 minute walk along the road from the station to the farm, and about 40 minutes via the dirt path, which starts some way along the road, on your right. You need to go around the lake, then follow the path along a field, which then leads to the farm on your left. Print a map of the area before leaving. 
* Check which fruits and vegetables are in season at the moment to avoid disappointment. 
* Walking a bit further down the field to where the crops haven’t picked as much will ensure you get good ripe produce. Most people tend to be a bit lazy and not walk too far into the fields, but that’s how you miss the good stuff. 
* They have a lovely farm shop with heaps of homemade jams, cakes, breads and freshly picked produce, and an ice cream parlour in the summer.

Do you ever eat food fresh from the farm? What do you think about growing your own food, or supporting your local farmers?

6 thoughts on “Crockford Bridge PYO Farm

  1. Oh my lordy that looks like the perfect day! I used to live near a PYO farm in Hampshire and it was heaven. I always bought the cakes and meringues from their farm shop. A few things:
    1. Adorable family
    2. Love the SPINACH sign
    3. Rhubarb crumble yessss. I had a good tip to add ground almonds to the crumble, and to soften the fruit in brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon. Major nom.
    4. It's all sounds like heaven


  2. Funny you should mention the almonds, that's what I did with my crumble! I thought it would add a lovely texture and I was right (gobbled it all up, it was so good.) Must try the cinnamon next time, not sure I did for this crumble, but that might be lovely with the rhubarb, actually.

    Thank you dear 🙂


  3. What a gorgeous day out. I love pick-your-own places, and they always have the most amazing farm shops.
    I'm growing a lot in my own garden this year- it makes me so happy to see my veggies flourishing and getting bigger/ripening by the day 🙂 Nature is amazing!


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