What A Vegan Office Cookie Fairy Eats

You may know this already, but I’m currently working on an internship. This means my days are now neatly structured in a 9-to-5 schedule (cue Dolly Parton!), which has both its benefits and its drawbacks. Downsides: there is a lot of cake in the office kitchen, always, and it’s rarely vegan, unless I make it. Bonuses: when I do bake something for the blog, I can test it on my co-workers, and I don’t have half a dozen batches of cake in own kitchen, so less temptation for me at home. 

But the nice thing is that structure works for me. I’m a compulsive list-maker, I cannot survive without Post-It notes (and offices are stationary heavens), I think I might actually have a panic attack if I were to lose my diary. (I just bought an organiser from Paperchase, see images below. It’s fab. You have my permission to be jealous.) And eating is structured, too: I have my three meals and a snack daily, and they break up my work day perfectly. 

So when I get to work, I like to have:

One of my fabulous Green Monster smoothie for extra energy:

Have you been following my Green Monster Series for delicious green smoothie recipes?

Lunch could be anything. I work in Islington, so there are loads of great places to eat, but I won’t lie… Prêt à Manger is pretty much where I end up. I get an hour for lunch, but sometimes that’s just not enough for a full sit-down meal at a café or restaurant.

 Veggie roll wrapped in a nori sheet. Delicious. Green juice from the juice bar down the street. 

Avocado bloomer, another favourite.

Or I bring my own! 

See all these beautiful packed lunches? They are recipes from a great book I’ve been cooking from. Review coming soon. 

 My stash of tea and snacks. I don’t really like Tetley so I’ve since got myself a massive box of Clipper fairtrade green tea. 

 Another one from the juice bar. This was apple, beetroot, carrot and kale.

What do you eat at work? How do you fit your vegan lifestyle around your work schedule?

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