Vegan Slutty Brownies {with a Belgian twist}


The smells coming from my kitchen as I type this… heaven save me, I think I’ve perished from chocolate overdose. And that’s only by smellingit.

Ever since seeing the recipe for Slutty Brownies on Rosie’s blog (The Londoner) I was determined to make my own, 100% plant-based version of it. But be warned: just because this one is made without any animal byproducts doesn’t mean it’s “healthified”. Oh no. This one is full of sugar, and fat, and all good things in this world. Because life is not worth living without a biscuit/cookie/brownie hybrid.

Speaking of all things nice  I don’t want to hear a thing about calories. I want you to enjoy these brownies shamelessly, guiltlessly, happily. None of that “I’ll have to work it off” or “I’ll just have a tiny bite”. Erm, FUCK THAT. (And no, I’m not sorry for my French.) I’m so tired of people  women especially  always having to justify every single calorie that goes into their body. I’m so done with that. Food is fuel for your body and your soul, and you should not have to apologise for that. 

Almost end of the feminist rant — the last thing is this: watch this video. It will change your life. If you’re a woman, or you have a daughter, nieces, a mother, a sister, whatever, you need to watch this. 

{Now I’m done.}

Alterations had to be made to the original recipe, of course. For one, no eggs. (Obviously.) And then almond milk instead of regular, and all that jazz.

Secondly, no oreos. I know, I know, I know — I wish I could have used them, but some nincompoop decided that UK Oreos should contain whey protein (which comes from milk), contrary to US Oreos. Unfathomable. But un-vegan, nonetheless. So what’s one to do?

Belgianise the biscuits, of course.
(I know I just made up a word there. Roll with me, a’right?)

The result is much the same as Rosie’s recipe: uncensored food porn. This is the sort of stuff you eat whilst giggling gleefully and stuffing your face guiltlessly. After having gone back for secondsthirds.

You only live once….
Makes 12 large brownies
Prep time: 15 minutes
Baking time: 25 minutes (30 for firmer brownies, but I like them gooey)


For the cookies:
150g self-raising flour
100g brown sugar
125ml almond milk
75g carob chips
1 tsp vanilla extract
50ml canola/grapeseed oil
pinch of salt
Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl until you obtain a smooth “cookie” dough.
For the brownies:
1 box of Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix
70ml water
40ml canola/grapeseed oil
a splash of almond milk (optional)
Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl until smooth.
and finally
1 packet of Lotus Peperkoek Speculoos biscuits.
Spread the cookie batter on the bottom of a lined cake tin. Display the biscuits evenly across this layer. Cover the biscuits with the brownie batter. Smooth with a spatula, then pop in the oven for 25 minutes at 180ºC.
Cool on a wire rack before cutting up into single portions. Serve warm, with some cold vanilla ice cream on the side if you like. (Coffee ice cream would also be divine with this — but then again, it is divine with everything.)

21 thoughts on “Vegan Slutty Brownies {with a Belgian twist}

  1. I am totally on board with you in the whole justifying bit. I am not saying to go all out and binge eat your life, but come on, it's like you said, food is fuel for the body and soul!

    Let's fix this one slutty brownie at a time =)

    Teffy X


  2. gooey brownies are the best! i will officially be dreaming about these as i fall asleep tonight. and only because i lack the ingredients to try them right now. i just posted a brownie recipe today – perhaps you'd like to try vegan-izing it sometime?


  3. Thanks! You know what, I am on a mission to figure out which vegan brownie I like best. I've only ever tried making brownies with tofu, which makes them lovely and gooey, but I have also heard about black bean brownies, and there's always fruit puree and yogurt that I could use… Something tells me my boyfriend is going to love this brownie fest, haha 😀


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  7. I may be able to help with the Oreo dilemma! I recently discovered some cookies on sake in the UK that are glute, wheat and dairy free versions of Oreos and are amazing – I cannt get enough of them!
    They are called O’choco gluten free biscuits with vanilla “cream” and can be bought from

    Caron xxx


    • Oh actually this is a bit of an old recipe (a year old, I think) and shortly after I published it I received news that the UK Oreos recipe had been changed to be vegan. But thanks for the heads up, this is useful for the coeliacs out there!


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