Hot Whiskey

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I am typing this from The Cookie Monster’s house after a night out in London to celebrate with the Irish. Today we’re going to the parade in Trafalgar Square (hopefully by then it’ll stop raining). You’ll have to excuse the quality of the photographs: I took them with an iPhone instead of my usual Canon.

I thought I’d share with you my all-time favourite drink. It’s the sort of thing you only have in the colder months, so in a way it’s the lucky the weather is so horrible right now. Hot whiskey was something I discovered in Ireland and loved ever since. You can’t get a decent one in pubs in London; every time I ask for one, the bartender just gives me a weird look and slowly shakes his head as if I’ve just asked for frog juice or something equally bizarre. But believe me when I say this is the best thing you’ll ever drink. 

Serves 2
Prep time: 5 mins

2-4 shots Jameson whiskey (or another Irish whiskey; Powers is a very good one, too)
1 slice lemon
8 cloves
2 tsp brown sugar
hot water (approx. 300-350ml)

Put the kettle on. Take two hot whiskey glasses (see photographs), place a spoon in each and pour 150-175ml hot water into the glasses to warm them up. Set aside for a few minutes. 
Half the lemon slice and prick 4 cloves into each half. (See photos)
Stir in a teaspoon of brown sugar into each glass until it dissolves. Add a shot (or two) of whiskey in each glass. Add the lemon halves and serve immediately. 

7 thoughts on “Hot Whiskey

  1. This is called a “Hot Toddy” in Scotland. My Mum used to make them a lot, however, not as a beverage that one enjoys on a cold night but to cure toothache! We once found in a furniture shop a vintage wall picture (one of those big 3D french pictures that are the size of paintings!) that said “Ski Lodge, everyone welcome, Hot Toddies served!” which we of course bought because of the huge printed LODGE. Definitely a very nice drink.


  2. Do you know, I have now had quite a few hot toddies in Scotland, but they just don't quite beat the hot whiskey! I think it's because they often don't contain cloves and are made with honey instead of brown sugar… But it still warms you up on a cold winter's night.


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