Basic Belgian Waffles Recipe

For the past two and a half years, I didn’t feel like a true Belgian because I didn’t have a waffle iron. I didn’t make waffles for two and a half years.

Guys, that’s just wrong. Deeply, fundamentally wrong.

So when my mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas I did not hesitate: Get me a waffle iron (please), I said.

And now I make waffles whenever I please because I have this beaut’. And I am once more a happy Belgian girl.

makes 6 waffles
prep time 5 mins
cooking time 4-5 minutes per waffle

150g SF flour
40g palm sugar*
1 mashed banana
1 tsp baking powder
150ml almond milk
spray oil or vegan margarine to grease
Toppings of your choice (I used strawberry jam, blueberries and a sliced banana)

Start by plugging in your waffle iron to allow some time for it to heat up. 
In a mixing bowl mash one banana, then gradually a little bit of a flour and a little bit of almond milk, and mix. Do this until you run out of flour and milk. If you add all the flour and all the milk at once, you might make a bit of a mess. Stir in the baking powder and palm sugar. Add any other flavour you like at this point (cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate nibs, fruit, etc.)
Grease your waffle iron. Ladle some batter onto the hot iron–not too much or it’ll all spill over and down the sides–close it up and cook for 4-5 minutes for a crisp waffle. It might be a little longer (or not) depending on your iron. 

* Any sugar will do, really, but I like the butterscotch-y flavour of palm sugar. 

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