Student Breakfasts

I love me a cute breakfast, I do. Millet toast with banana blueberry teddy bear, a sliced orange and an almost raw avocado, cacao, maca & hazelnut milk pudding. 

pumpkin pie porridge with a dollop of coconut cream, hot water with lemon & honey. (Sore throat. It sucks.)

Peanut butter & banana porridge. Classic combo. 

Raspberry & banana porridge with green tea. 

Spinach, raspberry, mango, tofu & rice milk smoothie with an avocado cacao pudding on the side.

Clementines, apple, banana and soy yogurt salad. 

Chocolate hazelnut porridge.

Blueberries, banana, tofu, spinach and rice milk smoothie.

A cat with a homemade collar. Essential ingredient to a happy life full of love. 

— Clem

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