PB & Banana Stuffed Croissants – Lazy Sunday Breakfast

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Today is the Mister’s birthday, so as a special treat I made him a bunch of peanut butter & banana stuffed Croissants. Chunky monkey croissants, really.

Maybe we should just refer to the Mister as the Cookie Monster, since he is the main guinea pig food tester in my kitchen.

I won’t lie–I went extra lazy with these and got the pastry dough ready-made from the shop. They sell them in Tesco, just around the corner, already pre-cut into triangles. I have neither the patience nor the skill (yet) to make puff pastry so early in the morning, so I feel no guilt at all for this shortcut.

puff pastry, ready-made and preferably pre-cut into triangles
peanut butter
1 large banana
a little bit of agave or maple syrup

Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC. 
Spread a teaspoon or two of peanut butter over the surface of each triangle of puff pastry. Cut the banana into small pieces that you then scatter over the peanut butter. 
Roll up the triangles, starting at the widest part, and twist up the edges so that the filling doesn’t tumble out. 
Place the croissants in a half moon shape on a lined baking tray and paint a little bit of syrup on top of them to make them shiny and golden. 
Pop them in the oven for as long as advised on the packaging. (Around 10-15 minutes will do.)

We went for a walk along the trail afterwards to burn off the calories; me proudly wearing my Brit wellies and new red coat, and the cookie monster trying out my camera. 

Maybe Mamie can tell me what these gorgeous flowers are called?

Finsbury Park. I think it’s most beautiful in the autumn. 

I hope everyone else had a lovely Sunday, too!

— Clem

8 thoughts on “PB & Banana Stuffed Croissants – Lazy Sunday Breakfast

  1. These look so invinting! Something my daughter would love to munch on…will try this for sure. Love your pictures, what a beautiful part of the world to be in. Happy day 🙂


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