Chestnut Chocolate Pots

I tried chestnuts for the first time in my life last winter. I know, I know–how did this come to happen (or not happen, I should say)?! Nevermind that–the fact is, as soon as I’d had one, I was addicted. It’s that combination of creamy, buttery texture and soft but distinct flavour that makes them such a natural delicacy. 

A winter’s evening is simply not complete unless you have some chestnuts to roast and share with loved ones as you cosy up round the fire watching your favourite holiday season film. But throw in some chocolate and you’re holding your ticket to dessert heaven

These would be the perfect treat to finish off a lovely Christmas party: simply serve the cream in shot glasses, maybe top it with some coconut whipped cream (see below) for extra wow-factor, and you’re good to go. Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying this dessert all by yourself. 

Serves 4 (double or triple according to the size of your party) 

150g freshly roasted chestnuts
150g dark chocolate
200ml soya cream
250ml soya milk
50ml Kahlua (or more!)

Heat the cream and milk in a saucepan until they start bubbling, then take off the heat immediately and drop in the chocolate, stirring until it melts and blends into the cream. Pour the chocolate cream and the Kahlua into a food processor, drop in the roasted chestnuts and blitz everything until smooth. Leave it somewhat grainy if you want to add texture to the cream.
Pour the chestnut chocolate cream into four small pots or glasses and refrigerate overnight, or at least for a few hours until the cream has set. Serve with coconut whipped cream if desired. (Leave a can of full-fat coconut milk in the fridge overnight, then in the morning scoop out the coconut fat–don’t shake the can!– and whip it up with some confectioner’s sugar. Done.)

 — Clem

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