WIAW #24: Wind, Writing and Other Bits and Bobs

This windy Tuesday was spent mostly at home, doing all sorts of things. It’s one of those days when you don’t have to go to work, don’t have to meet your boyfriend, in fact you don’t have to meet anyone — you don’t even really need to wear nice clothes or makeup — so you try and cram in as many little to-do list items in your day as possible. Does that ever happen to you? You have the whole day ahead of you and you get into a panicky right-let’s-do-everything-that-needs-to-be-done mode. No? Maybe it’s just me. 

7 am. I woke up and stumbled to my yoga mat for some meditation and much needed yoga practice. I’ve been slacking terribly when it comes to yoga lately, so much so that I almost feel as if I’m back to square one. I’ll be more rigorous with my practice in the future. 

8 am. Breakfast in the form of nettle tea (not pictured) and a smoothie (banana, mango, pineapple, spinach and water — hello new favourite!)

I sat in front of my laptop while I had breakfast, catching up on emails, social networking websites, procrastinating for a bit, and then finally started working on my dissertation. All I shall say about that is that it’s a creative writing project and it’s a piece of historical fiction. 

Around 10.30 am I walked up to Green Lanes to collect a package from the main post office. It contained my copy of Nigellissima that I had been dying to get my hands on. I read it on the way back home. 

Lunch time – I cooked some pearl barley and added it to re-heated ready-made butternut squash soup. I’m not above buying ready-made food, so long as it’s nutritious and tasty. And sometimes you’re just not in the mood to cook. 

Afternoon – I’m a little bit ashamed to say there was a lot of snacking here and there, purely out of boredom and procrastination. Peanut butter, chocolate, dates, … 

Well, apples are healthy, anyway.

I did do some productive activities: reading history books for my dissertation, going for a walk, sending emails, watching war documentaries, the latest episode of Bones, episodes of Nigella’s Express (that’s productive, right?), working out and getting started on my light box:

Oh She Glows has a great tutorial on how to make a light box. I hope you’ve all noticed that my photography has been improving as I’ve been teaching myself to become a better photographer, thanks to this book and simple experimentation and observation of other people’s work. I still need some white sheets and some tough tape for my box, and then I’m done!

Dinner was an experiment for a future recipe. It’s an Indian dish — actually, 4 dishes — I grew to love and learnt to cook while I was on holiday in India. More on that hopefully next week.  

— Clem

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