WIAW #22: Literature and a Date

I think it’s safe to say that last Friday, my first day off in seven–seven!!!–days, I got my fair share of fun, food and fitness. Working at the café is extremely rewarding but also exhausting. I’m basically running around for five to eight hours a day, only sitting down for lunch or to fold napkins. But I wouldn’t trade it for any other job. 

So, Friday started with my newest favourite breakfast: bran flakes, almond milk, cinnamon and banana slices. I also threw in some dried currants for once. 

Working so much means all the chores and errands were pushed back to my day off, so I did the weekly shopping in the morning, enjoying some chocolate buttons on the way back down the hill to Finsbury Park. 

Late morning I started baking my mum’s Hazelnut Coffee Cake for the café. 

As it was baking, I quickly got in a workout and had a hurried banana watermelon smoothie before heading off into the City for my date. I shall not name names–for now, let’s just call him Man. 

I took the Tube to King’s Cross, only to get a message from Man that he was running late. 

No worries, I now had some time to stop by Paperchase and purchase a new diary, get a passionfruit and mango smoothie at Cafe Nero, and see the famous Platform 3/4 baggage cart. 

I waltzed into a few shops to get some ideas for books to read this summer. 

And I read my newest favourite magazine, Writing Magazine, while I waited for Man to arrive. The poor dear was very much delayed at work, in the end. 

Luckily he arrived in time for us to get tickets for the Writing Britain exhibition at the British Library (my choice, of course), which was really interesting and presented a lot of information from many different writers, poets and playwrights. 

Afterwards we stopped by Costa, where Man had his first hazelnut hot chocolate (he wasn’t too impressed, but I’m glad he tried it). He didn’t quite realise how large the large mug is…

The “Keep Calm and Drink Tea” mug is a present from me. 

We then took the Tube down to Tower Hill, where we saw some lovely benches covered in literary quotes. My favourite one was this: 

‘Books, the children of the brain.’ – Jonathan Swift

We had dinner at The Dickens Inn. Man had the chicken pie and a beer, and I had a lovely tomato soup with bread and a glass of Malbec. Simple but classic, deeply flavourful and filling; it hit just the right spot. 

We had the loveliest view from where we sitting. 

Nerdy literature student that I am, I thought this was such a wonderful evening. The coincidences just seemed to pile up one after the other. Man really made up for his tardiness. 

— Clem

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