Strawberry Mousse – Healthy, Guilt-Free Dessert

I almost wrote ‘low-calorie’ in the title and wanted to slap myself for it. Do you ever get tired of all the ‘low-fat’, ‘low-calorie’, ‘low-sugar’ crap? I do. It makes me feel ‘low‘. I just want to enjoy life and enjoy my food, and if it contains a thousand calories, OH WELL. Sucks for my thighs, but not for my overall well-being. 

However, this dessert does happen to be rather healthy for you. It contains only plant-based ingredients–only 3 plant-based ingredients, might I add, so it’s super duper simple, too–and can be whipped up in under ten minutes. Maybe five, depending on your strawberry-slicing skills. 

You’d never be able to tell there is tofu in this mousse. The agave and strawberries do a good job of masking the soy-like flavour of the tofu, but the texture of the mousse is blissfully perfect: smooth, soft and unbelievably light, which makes this a great alternative to chocolate mousse if you find that too heavy on the stomach. Perfect for a warm summer evening (not that anyone in the UK even remembers what those feel like) when you’re relaxing at the end of the day with a few friends. Don’t tell them the mousse is vegan–they’ll never know the difference. 

300g strawberries, sliced
300g firm tofu, drained
3 tbsps agave sweetener
grated/shaved dark dairy-free chocolate, to serve
a few strawberries to serve

Blend the strawberries first; when they’ve turned into a fruit paste, add the tofu in little bits. When the mousse starts to thicken so much that it doesn’t seem to blend anymore, add the agave syrup. It will blend, just rather slowly because of the thick consistency, but that’s how you want it to be. When the mousse is completely smooth, stop the blender and pour into 4 wine glasses. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours; for a firm mousse-like texture, chill overnight. 

The rule of 3 makes this recipe the easiest to remember. I guess it’s based on my granny’s chocolate mousse recipe, for which she uses equal measures of all 3 ingredients (1 bar of 25g chocolate and 1tbsp of sugar for each egg used). The simplest recipes, as any grandmother will tell you, are always the best. 

— Clem

7 thoughts on “Strawberry Mousse – Healthy, Guilt-Free Dessert

  1. It looks delicious and easy. I feel the same about food. I hate when people over react to fat or high calorie healthy foods. Its okay to eat some healthy fat and its okay to eat some healthy sugar ! I think we have to many commercials telling us to eat low calorie processed stuff and low fat crappy stuff


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