WIAW #20: Out and About in London

I bought my first ever (piece of) watermelon this week. I had never eaten watermelon before–it’s one of those fruits I somehow skipped in my life. I had some peaches that needed to be used, and considering it was breakfast time, I made my favourite food. A smoothie. (Sorry for the smoothie overload on the blog this week, but really, not sorry at all.)

I munched a pink lady apple, my go-to morning smack, on the way to Camden Town. I roamed the Stables for almost two hours but just couldn’t find anything that I felt comfortable wearing, so I popped into Wholefoods for my lunch and hopped back on the bus home. 

I have never had takeaway at Wholefoods before because I find £6.95 for a small box of cold food somewhat overpriced, but I felt like treating myself that day. Best decision I’d made all day: it was simply scrumptious, every single bite of it. I packed my little box with edamame, red kidney beans, chickpeas, kale, beetroot and falafel. Falafel is the love of my life, in case you didn’t know. 

The dangerous thing about Wholefoods is that they have so many vegan and raw treats, and because it’s “good for you” you have all the excuses you need to just go for it. And so I did: I got myself a peanut butter and chocolate cream pie. Hello, calories! But honestly, it was the creamiest, smoothest, melt-in-your-mouth pie I have ever had. Did I say falafels were the love my life? I meant peanut butter. 

Hello, gorgeous.

Had buckets of water and tea after my afternoon workout (Jillian Michaels, why you so cruel???) and set about cleaning the flat. It’s been needing a good polish since, er, last year.

Dinner was my leftovers from Monday night: Bill Granger’s pasta with lemon and fresh peas made vegan. A recipe for this will be up very soon. 

And here’s a picture of the professional lazybum for all you crazy cat ladies/gents out there.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

— Clem

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