WIAW #18: Holiday in Scotland

I’m back! It’s been absolute ages and I am so glad to be back to blogging. I’ve really missed it. *sniff*

Here is a short recap of my holiday in Scotland and a few things I ate while I was there. I did not manage to stay 100% vegan (it’s hard to do when your mother and sister keep chocolate biscuits everywhere) but for the most, I think I did well. 

We stayed this lodge in Alloa, a little town near Stirling. 

A little collage of the lodge where we were staying. It was surprisingly luxurious and comfortable; it even had a flatscreen TV and an iPod dock! Excellent for my morning yoga sessions with some calming music. I loved the windows in the roof: they provided so much natural light it wasn’t necessary to switch on the lights. And look at the view we had from our porch. 

Upon arrival I had a sliced banana with some peanut butter and a cup of hot soya milk. 

Look at this view. Just look at it. Yes, exactly. 

Packing our lunches every day with whatever I could find. Usually the filling consisted of mushrooms, lettuce, hummus, even beans. Yes, I put beans in my untoasted sandwich. A vegan girl’s gotta do what a vegan girl’s gotta do. 

I also packed an apple and a few biscuits or a snack bar to bring with me on the road. We travelled a lot to visit castles and historic sites all over. 

This was my breakfast every morning. I would cook blackberries in my porridge until it turned pink, then add a banana. Tea on the side. 
I was reading The Passage by Justin Cronin–one of the best sci-fi books I have read in a while. 

I found vegetarian–but actually it was accidentally vegan–haggis in the gift shop of Scone Palace and thought I had to try it. 

To my surprise, it was unbelievably delicious. 

Dinner: tomato butter beans, vegan haggis, potatoes and mangetout. 

Take a walk down a new road.

The replica of the Stone of Destiny. I sat on it for half a second. Felt pretty cool, even if it isn’t the real one. 

Loch Katrine, in the Trossachs. 

I have hundreds of pictures but can’t post them all–that would take forever. I really enjoyed my holiday and can’t wait to go back to Scotland. It’s the most magical place on Earth. 

— Clem

4 thoughts on “WIAW #18: Holiday in Scotland

  1. Thank you! Taking pictures in Scotland is too easy, really, everything is picture perfect and ready to be shot! The colours haven't been adjusted, everything really is that bright and colourful over there.


  2. Oh you lucky girl! It is a beautiful place – went there in 1995 and as soon as I left I wanted to go straight back again!
    Vegan haggis though … I can't even get my head around THAT concept, given the assorted odds and ends that haggis usually consists of!! What was the main ingredient? Oats?


  3. Yes, some oats, lentils, beans, spices (can't remember which ones, though!), turnips, maybe a few other vegetables like carrots or something. It was weird but also really good. I wish I'd brought back a few cans. *sad*


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