Vegan Sunday Roast

The traditional British Sunday Roast Dinner (or Lunch) is one of those things that make me so mad I wasn’t born British.

How on earth is it that no other country in the world has such a brilliant and long-standing Sunday tradition? It ticks all the boxes: it revolves around food, family and having a jolly lazy time.

And so it is my strong belief that when you decide to give up meat and dairy, it shouldn’t necessarily forever exclude you from the delightful Sunday Roast tradition. As with everything (except meringues–sigh) you can veganise this dish.

Serves two (double or triple depending on how big your party is)

1 large sweet potato, with skin*
1 head of broccoli
50g green beans
50g peas
75g white mushrooms, sliced
1 can of butter beans
a handful of cherry tomatoes**
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp vegetable gravy granules + 250ml water

*You can peel the potato if you want, but I like to keep the skin on because it gets all chewy and it contains tons of nutrients.
** You can also use tinned tomatoes, in which case I would recommend you use only half the tin.

Roast the potato for 50 minutes, until cooked through. You could also cut the potato into smaller chunks so it will cook faster, maybe in 30 minutes.
10 minutes before the end of roasting, add the green beans and sliced mushrooms to the roasting pan in the oven, making sure you spray some oil on them so they don’t burn. 
Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes and cook them in a small saucepan with the butter beans. 
Steam the broccoli and peas for a few minutes until tender and fully cooked. 
When the sweet potato is fully cooked, serve it on a plate with the tomatoes and butter beans. On another plate, serve up all the vegetables. Add salt and pepper to taste. 
For the gravy, combine the gravy granules and hot water in a saucepan and cook on medium heat until the granules are fully melted and mixed into the water. 

— Clem

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