WIAW #17: A Jubilant Monday

I spent the latter part of Monday afternoon with some friends to celebrate the Jubilee weekend. Because the weather was so unpredictable we decided to have an indoor picnic in my living room. Everybody brought something: booze or food, and a lot of gossip. 😉

Emily and Katie brought some homemade vegetable tarts: puff pastry stuffed with mushrooms and other vegetables. It was incredibly gooey and they were still warm when the girls arrived!

Sean took his very first dip into the world of vegan baking and made these little apple tarts (uber cute):

George brought booze 🙂 I had some cherry beer from Belgium, the only type of beer I actually like. 
Dori and Lukas came over with a bunch of bananas, peanut butter and chocolate soy milk to make smoothies with. How Dori knew this is currently my favourite drink in the world, I had no idea, but my goodness she made us some delicious smoothies. 

I had also made these Victoria Sponge cupcakes. No recipe, sorry; I just eyeballed it. I used a couple of tortillas as a base for my hummus pizza that I topped with some rocket and lettuce (see first picture). 

It was a really enjoyable afternoon that stretched into late evening and before we knew it, it was almost ten o’clock and I’d completely missed the Jubilee concert. Oh well! I’m sure they’ll show it again on telly. 

What did you do for the Jubilee festivities? Did anyone go to see the River Pageant? I ended up staying at home, I didn’t feel brave enough to stand in the cold and the rain for hours on end. 

— Clem

6 thoughts on “WIAW #17: A Jubilant Monday

  1. I can ask Emily, I'm not sure how she made them. Probably just pan-fry your favourite vegetables (I think she used mushrooms, onions, and such) and wrap them in puff pastry, then bake them until golden brown or sth like that.


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