Diamond Jubilee Special: Patriotic Pie

Time for another recipe, and this time we’re on to dessert! This pie is lovely and refreshing, so perfect for summer weather. It won’t weigh you down either because the fruits make this light and easy to digest. Plus I like to think if a dessert is made mostly of fruit, it’s good for you. A friend of mine once said ‘if it’s home made, it’s zero calories.’ So tuck in 😉

1 sheet of Jus Rol puff pastry (or any vegan one)
1 small tub of blueberries
1 small tub of raspberries
1 can of full-fat coconut milk, chilled in the fridge overnight
Your favourite jam (I used my mum’s 
Stevia or confectioner’s sugar (optional)

1. Pre-heat the oven at 200ºC. Spread the puff pastry in a greased pie-dish (large size), using your fingers to press it into the dish. Spread your favourite jam or jelly on the pastry. Bake in the oven until the edges start turning golden. (Your pastry might puff up a bit, just press it down with a fork.)
2. Take your pie out of the oven and let it cool while you make the whipped cream: scoop out the firm layer of coconut milk fat out of the tin and beat it with an electric mixer, adding a little bit of stevia or sugar if you want to. Set aside in the fridge.
3. Place the berries in the pie dish to make the UK flag. Use an icing bag to make the white lines with the coconut whipped cream. 

Eat straight away or chill in the fridge first. Enjoy 🙂

— Clem

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