WIAW #16: Too Hot To Chew

I’m not at all a hot weather person, I’ve said it a million times before. 28ºC is about 8ºC more than I’m comfortable with. This Monday I was sweating when I was sitting down and doing nothing at all! Even the thought of food was a little sickening at the day’s temperature peak. 

Breakfast started it with hot water with lemon and a green juice consisting of two simple ingredients: a whole pineapple (skinned, obviously) and half a pack of spinach. It was already uncomfortably hot. 

Late morning I had an enormous smoothie: half a frozen banana, half a frozen mango, soya milk and the other half of the bag of spinach. Simply delicious, and so refreshing!

I snacked on some almonds and dried currants (not pictured) early in the afternoon, then made myself some soft-serve ice cream with a frozen banana, frozen blackberries, a dash of milk and just a sprinkle of stevia. Blend till smooth and you’ve got instant ice cream. No cholesterol, no animals harmed, low-calorie, low-fat and low-sugar. I hear all the female readers cheering as they read this 🙂 I’ll post the recipe for this soon.

Dinner was miso soup. Finally I felt cool enough to eat a hot meal, and even so I waited till the soup was only just hot. I threw in ribbon noodles (gluten and egg-free) with some vegetables I had lying around. Delicious and nutritious. 
This recipe will be part of the next Thrifty Thursday (which will be next week, not this one, as I have a lot of Diamond Jubilee recipes to post before the actual festivities).

Tea in my Diamond Jubilee mug! (not pictured) I love this mug. I had to get myself at least one piece of Diamond Jubilee memorabilia, didn’t I? I’m so proud to be a part of this historical page in the United Kingdom’s history. It’s something I’ll be able to tell my kids someday, and I’ll show them my mug and everything, and yes I’m aware that maybe that makes me look like such a tourist, but honestly, I love this country, and I love the Queen. I think she rocks. So here’s to you, Your Majesty. Happy Diamond Jubilee everyone!

Which sort of foods do you turn to in this blistering heat? It’s supposed to rain soon, so that will be a nice break from this sweltering temperature 🙂

— Clem

5 thoughts on “WIAW #16: Too Hot To Chew

  1. I hate heat as well. but I mostly settle for light snacks – little bit of cold pasta with pesto and pine nuts always fills me up for the whole day. and I absolutely love smoothies, blender is the first thing I am getting when I move into our new flat!

    also I love the ice cream, cant wait til the recipe!:)


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