Review: InSpiral Café in Camden Town

On a rainy day in April, I needed to get out of the flat, despite the torrential weather. I can only stay cooped up for so long, so I braved the London gloom and spent a few hours in Camden with my friend George, who is always happy to try out vegan foods. He’s sort of my guinea pig. 

InSpiral is a 100% vegan and partly raw café with a strong ecological ethic. Everything is made freshly in the café. They are slightly pricy for a student, so eating here is a treat for me, but the quality of their food is worth every penny. 

They offer a wide variety of drinks, snacks and takeaway products. They even sell products in several organic and health shops around London. 

Their ice creams are to die for! I once had the pleasure of trying the mint chocolate chip one. If only I’d had enough cash on me to buy myself a scoop on this day… I’d love to try the dandelion coffee amaretto ice cream some day. 

I ordered the Raw Sunfood Burger out of curiosity (a raw burger?!) with a side of salad, tabouleh and sprouts. Turns out I’m not a fan of tabouleh or the sauces, which I unfortunately slathered all over my salad and consequently ruined it. Before that, it was quite lovely. As for the burger, I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised: it was nothing like your traditional burger–it was better! I’m not sure what they put in there, but it was delicious. I finished it, naturally. 

Dessert! The part I was most excited about. 

George opted for a vegan lasagna, I think (neither of us paid attention to the name, he just told the waitress to “surprise him”, in true George-like fashion), because it was exquisitely cheesy. Thankfully he wasn’t very hungry so I got to finish a considerable chunk of his lunch. Sides included some curry, rice and roasted veggies. 
 Ta-da! Raw chocolate. It isn’t the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted, but it was creamy and hit the right spot. All seven of them. Yum. 
For more information, visit their website:

Now it’s your turn. Where is your favourite (vegan) café/restaurant/takeaway?  

— Clem

4 thoughts on “Review: InSpiral Café in Camden Town

  1. Wow your meal looks so delicious. My favorite café is here in Québec, Canada is a raw food restaurant called ''the singing goat''. If ever you come here in Québec your really have to stop there!!


  2. I'm still a bit annoyed that I got told off for not finishing the food… It was rather rude of them! D:
    But I have to admit I was very happy with the food I was surprised with.


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