Thrifty Thursday: Healthy Snacks Under 50P

These days we’re all running around like headless chickens. Some of us hardly take the time to eat (not me of course; I always make time to eat, otherwise I turn into a werewolf and devour all in my path). I have even heard this crazy silly little rumour that snacks on the go are expensive.

Say what?!

Utter nonsense, of course. Yes, if you stop by Wholefoods and go for a bag of raw granola, you may have to spend a few pounds, and for just one snack, it’s too much. The trick is to make your own and as I always say, be prepared. 


Banana slices dipped in chocolate
Dried fruit and nuts

I’m addicted to dates. ‘Nuff said.

Almonds, cashews, dried currents, raisins, … get creative with your trailmix.


(You don’t need a picture for this, do you?)
My favourites: pink lady apple, banana, clementines. Check out what’s in season; right now the first of the summer berries are starting to appear, so make the most of seasonal fruits!

Jammy Oat Bars

These cost just about 50p per bar, and they are quite substantial, so you won’t be hungry. They’re made with oats and fruits to give you sweetness on top of energy, protein and all that good stuff. 

Karena and Katrina’s Krazy Koconut Karob Bites

I make these with dairy-free chocolate chips as carob is only available in health stores, and that means it’s a bit more expensive. It costs around £7 to make the whole recipe (13 balls), so just about 50p per ball. 

Thrifty Challenge
Your thrifty challenge this week is to take a good look at what your snacking on, and if you find it’s too expensive, try some of the snacks I’ve suggested. Let me know how you get on 🙂

— Clem

2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Healthy Snacks Under 50P

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