WIAW #15: Almost there…

... almost finished my last assignment. It happens to be the most annoying of all. UGH. This is what my Monday looked like, food-wise (I’m not going to bore you with how and what I was studying for my essays):

Breakfast started with a cut up orange, buckets of porridge with banana and almonds and almond milk (somebody’s addicted to almonds, more on that later), hot water with lemon aaaaaand chocolate. Because no breakfast is complete with some orange spiced chocolate. (See those two squares? Yeah, I had 6 more of them later on.)

Morning snack

 Lunch was some yummy scrambled tofu and peas in a sandwich. This will be a recipe for the Diamond Jubilee, coming your way soon. 

Mum brought me back some almonds from her trip to California and I’ve been munchin’ these babies like crazy. My current addictions are bananas and almonds; I must have been some type of monkey in another life. 

Almonds and raisins for snack. That’s actually a pretty big box.

 I wasn’t supposed to be home for dinner but turns out there were no shifts left when I got to work because the Victoria line was severely delayed and thus, delayed me. I made a smoothie with whatever I had lying around and munched on some hummus and veg as well. 

So that was Monday for you. A lot of munchin’ all over the place 🙂

— Clem

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