WIAW #14: Sunshine and Studying

The sun is finally out again! Or at least it was for the weekend, and now it’s gone back to hiding behind thick rainy clouds. Oh well, at least I had a nice weekend.

I’d been having wayyy too much sugar during the week and really felt it by the time the weekend arrived, so come Sunday it was time for detox.

Starting with green tea (not pictured) and a green juice. This one was made of broccoli, mangetout, kale, pears, cucumber. I drank this bright and early while I was studying.

Later I had another juice, this time made with cucumber, broccoli, kale, beetroot and oranges. Not my best one, I have to say, but it was okay. 

Sometime in the early afternoon I had a green smoothie: banana, kale, hemp protein powder, almond milk and chia seeds. My favourite 🙂

Lazy bum. I had to study all day!

More tea in the afternoon (homemade instant ginger tea: hot water, grated fresh ginger and agave syrup) followed by an early dinner of whatever was left in the kitchen. It looked a bit like this:

Tinned tomatoes, tinned red kidney beans, courgette, some sort of squash (didn’t actually check the name, I just liked the look of it), and spring onions.

Despite my much needed detox, I just couldn’t go to bed without baking something. So I tried this recipe from The Londoner blog, veganising it with whatever I had lying around (which wasn’t much–week ends are when I am lowest in groceries because I do my shopping on Mondays usually). It wasn’t great because I didn’t measure anything properly, but man it was tasty. 

Cleaned cans to make my dessert.

Any other students out there finishing this term? What do you eat when you’re studying/essay writing?

— Clem

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