Thrifty Thursday: 5 Tips To Save Money

After “Isn’t it hard to be vegan?” the question I get the most is “Isn’t it expensive to be vegan?”

I would like to find the person who made so many people believe that healthy food is expensive. Why would it be? Why should only privileged people have access to clean, healthy ingredients? It’s pure nonsense. 

I’m going to start this series by giving you 5 tips to save money effortlessly and still eat a balanced diet. Next I’ll write about where you can shop (in the UK) to get your vegan groceries, how to budget, and I will share loads of super cheap recipes. A lot of this will be focused on student living because that is my lifestyle at the moment, but you can apply these principles to any lifestyle. After all, we could all do with some savings (holiday on the beach, anyone?). 

Easy Ways To Save Money On A Vegan Diet:

#1 Natural, clean food is usually not packaged. Because it is not wrapped in plastic, you are not paying for any extra packaging. Fruits and vegetables bought loose, like you would find it at the market, if cheaper.

#2 On a balanced diet 75% of the food you eat will be unprocessed, therefore cheaper.

#3 A vegan lifestyle places emphasis on reducing waste, so you try to use as much of the food you buy as possible. Leftovers are a revelation! 

#4 There are a myriad foods that you can buy in bulk. Think of dried pulses and beans, rice, pasta, flour, etc. If you can find a Cash ‘N Carry or a similar store in your area, go and see what they have. Buying in bulk saves you a lot of money in the long run. 

#5 If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a patio, you can grow you own produce. It’s much easier than most people think, and it’s a good form of exercise as well. Unless you have a wee bush of thyme growing on your windowsill, you will be crouching, digging, planting, watering… it takes energy! And it’s extremely rewarding to watch your food going from the vegetable patch to your plate. Read up on gardening to get to know the basics; ask your parents how they garden; ask your granny, your dad’s best friend, anyone! 

Next week we’re getting down to business: I’ll give you my thrifty tip of the week, a vegan challenge and a recipe. Tell your friends and family about this, it’ll change your life!

— Clem

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