WIAW #13: Another Rainy Sunday?!

Seriously. Seriously. Is it ever going to stop raining in this country? The whole of Europe is flooded. I watch the weather forecast every morning religiously to find out if I’m going to catch a ray of sunshine and hopefully run (I have been trying! And improving, too). But the rain is relentless, and so once more I found myself with my laptop and food to be made. 

Breakfast was a cup of hot water with sweetener and lemon followed by a green monster. It may not look pretty but it sure was yummy. I made it with strawberries, banana, chard, rice milk and some hemp protein powder. 

Next I fulfilled a long-time dream of visiting Ms Cupcake in Brixton. Ms Cupcake is London’s very first vegan bakery and has fast grown to be the best bakery in the world, period. At the bakery they create a new flavour of cupcake every week!  

 I’ve never been a fan of Ferrero Rocher; I think they look very pretty but once you bite into one, you’re disappointed by the lack of flavour. This cupcake, however, is chock-ful of flavour. It felt like a chocolate-nut explosion in my mouth. And just look at it. 

Look at this cupcake!!! Half of it is just icing alone! And the icing was so thick it was more like ganache, blissfully chocolate-overdose-like melt-in-your-mouth orgasmic ganache. (Grammar makes no sense anymore.) 
Heaven in a cupcake, is all I can say, really. They are officially my favourite food. Well worth a trip down to South London. 

The cupcake really filled me up, though. I didn’t need lunch after that, so I started preparing my dinner: homemade gnocchi with spinach. While watching Glee, of course. As one does. 

 They were nice but I think next time I’ll take the easy way out and just buy them ready-made. Somehow I just didn’t enjoy making them. Maybe because all I can think of now are CUPCAKES. (Oh dear, my poor waistline is going to suffer.) Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t a shred of Italian DNA in me. 

Tea was a must on this drizzly day. 

I cooked the gnocchi and topped it with greens and a sauce made of soya cream, nooch, garlic, thyme and salt. 

Popcorn for dessert! Whilst watching Jane Eyre and drooling all over Mr Rochester. Michael Fassbender, you’re just too gorgeous for your own good. 

— Clem

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