WIAW #12: Pink Party

So this isn’t the longest WIAW I’ve done, but life is getting busy again as final essay deadlines are looming closer and closer. 

Last Friday I organised a little get-together with my friends to raise money for the Finsbury Park Race For Life on July 7. It’ll be my first ever race so I’m starting out with a 5K; hopefully some day I’ll be able to progress to a 10K. 

A lot of the food was pink themed:

Ellie’s Rosy Heart Cookies

Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes. The frosting is made of coconut whipped cream. The recipe will be up later this week. 

Fruit salad with a chocolate fondue, and chocolate-covered strawberries (pink/red). 

Popcorn and veggies with hummus (not pink, but absolutes for a girls’ night in). The roasted vegetables are not pictured as they were still roasting in the oven; I served red bell peppers, cucumber, courgette and broccoli, as well as some homemade kale chips. 

And booze, of course. Pomegranate juice added another pink element. 

Basically the party was a lot of girl talk whilst sorta kinda watching films (Dorian Gray and Casanova for some eye candy). 

— Clem

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