WIAW #11: Summer, Get In My Plate Already

April showers bring May flowers, or so they say. I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed within the limits of the possible, because I’m getting a little bit tired of the rain. Perhaps that’s why my food was so charming and colourful last Sunday. 

I started the day with a green juice that I was so eager to drink I forgot to take a picture; it was made of a whole pineapple, some celery and a mini cucumber

After a quick workout I had my trusted Dino Smoothie. I. Love. Green. Smoothies. It’s a solid addiction, I kid you not. I have had it every single day this past week. Sometimes I replace the oats with some hemp protein powder, which is really yummy too (I know it doesn’t sound like it, but just take my word for it, ok). 

Then I went to yoga class–the third time this week. Hey, at least my addictions are (becoming) healthy! Lucky for us the sun was shining so we practiced outside in the park. If you live in London, you might want to give it a try. Mindful Movements is the name of the class I go to, and in my opinion, it’s the best there is. 

I munched an apple on my way to Sainsbury’s, where I did my grocery shopping, rather obviously, then walked back home. It was already lunchtime, so I made this delicious tomato soup with just 4 ingredients. It’s probably the easiest recipe I’ve got on this whole blog, and it’s creamy, satisfying, unctuous, not to mention low-calories, healthy, erm, did I mention yummy?

Recipe tiiiiime!

1 can of (organic) chopped tomatoes
1 medium yellow onion
1 cube of vegetable stock
soya cream (optional)
basil, dry or fresh (NOT optional!)

Combine everything, except the soya cream, in a small pan and let it all bubble away for 10 minutes. Pour in the blender, whizz until smooth, serve, VOILÀ. 
I said it was easy, didn’t I? 
The reason the basil needs to be in there is because otherwise, the soup just won’t have that awesome kick that simple soups have. You need a little pizzazz in your soup, otherwise you might as well just gulp the tomatoes straight from the tin. 

Dessert was this amazeballs ice cream cake. You cannot possibly resist this one. Despite the fact that it’s made mostly of nuts, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It was the perfect start to my afternoon. 

An afternoon of cleaning up, writing and film watching followed. I’ve been taking it pretty easy lately because I have a bad habit of putting a lot of pressure on myself and then forget to enjoy the moment for what it is. I did some more yoga, just because I felt like it. I wrote a kickass piece of science fiction. I had the best dessert. I think this is something very important that most people in our society forget: that we have a right to enjoy the time that is given to us, and that we are allowed–no, ENTITLED–to have a break. Sure, hard work is vital in this world if you want to achieve anything, but it doesn’t have to come with constant worrying and sky-high levels of stress. Give yourself a break. Go do something you enjoy, and I mean really enjoy, right now. I’m serious–switch off the laptop and go do it right now!

My evening meditation.

Afternoon snack was a smoothie. That’s three times already today that I’ve used my blender (poor baby, it works so hard in my kitchen. I really need to give it a holiday). 

Dinner was “chilli no carne” (recipe following soon!). Chilli was originally a vegetarian meal anyway, so it was pretty easy to make it vegan. Guys, this was ridiculously good. My tummy was very happy indeed. 

Looking at my food intake today, it really was extremely colourful. I’m well proud of myself for that! 

After-dinner tea 🙂 Tea is my first love. No, wait, that’s words. Ok, second love. I drink buckets of it every day. 

Sprouting. My new hobby. 

There was a lot of napping going on as well. You know my cat, he’s such a poser. He pretends like he doesn’t like being photographed but really he’s such a diva. 

That was my lovely, colourful Sunday, the loveliest I’ve had in a while. How was yours? Or how was your week? Let me know, I love reading the comments. 

— Clem

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