What I Ate Wednesday #10: Tweety Tea and Period Dramas

I heard it before I even opened my eyes.

Rain pitter-pattering on my window and wind angrily hurling itself against the façade of the building.

I slept in another half hour, hoping it would all go away, but alas! I was not so fortunate. I stretched out my breakfast (porridge with a dollop of Speculoos spread and sliced banana, no pictures, sorry!) for as long as possible, and still this horrid weather persisted. There was nothing for it: I would simply have to try and carry out all the tasks on my to-do list, despite the gruesome grey skies, starting with a workout from Tone It Up.

I went to the fruit and veg shop around the corner to do the first half of my grocery shopping for the day. I couldn’t face walking up the hill to Sainbury’s in the drizzle and freezing rain, so I left that for later. I made myself a huge pot of tea, put on my cosy cricket jumper and decided to do some fun activities to keep my mind off the cold and damp. Rainy weather is the perfect time to do all those things I’m always post-poning, like organising recipes I find in magazines into my recipe binder. 

This picture sums up my morning: Hart of Dixie, my Tweety teapot full of caramel-flavoured black tea, the recipe binder on the right and the recipes to be filed on the left. And Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. 

I’m a girl of the North. I love snow, I hate sweating, I am in love with the untamed Highlands of Scotland and the endless cloudy skies, but sometimes even I will be depressed by this kind of weather. In those cases it’s all too easy to grab a pot of Kwatta and eat away your sorrows–or so you think; you know what they say, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! No thank you, I like my hips just the way they are. So I armed myself with all the non-food comforts I could muster.

Cue the period dramas. And Hart of Dixie, my new favourite show. I think I watched all the episodes available at the moment in a matter of five days.

For lunch, I was very tempted to have something hot and comforting, but I’d planned to have a raw meal, so raw it was. I ate my very first plate of sprouted quinoa with raw peppers. I’m not a fan of peppers when they’re cooked, so eating them raw was a challenge for me. But I’ve been inspired by Ani’s Raw Food Essentials and the evidence out there is undeniable: raw foods are super good for you. They are easy to digest, they contain live enzymes and other scientific good stuff that I can’t remember, and the best part, they require very little washing up. Listen up, students and lazy bums all around the world: less washing up! That should convince anyone, really. Recipe for a raw salad coming this week!

Snacks during the day included dates (I limited myself to 8 because they are very sweet), more tea (it’s my crack), and a couple of cupcakes while I watched Miss Potter. That film makes me cry like a baby, but it’s too beautiful not to watch it. Period dramas on the whole tend to make me cry, but I take that as a sign that the film is very good.

Recipe for these cute cupcakes coming this week!

The most enchanting film you will ever know. Can you believe I’ve never read the stories of Peter Rabbit? This is one of the things that makes me sad I wasn’t born British. And it makes me want to visit the Lake District. 

I also wrote a lot today. Writing is so therapeutic, and I can’t think of anything better to do on a rainy day. Except maybe baking cupcakes (new recipe coming soon!).

The skies did clear up at some point, so I powerwalked up that hill and did the other half of my grocery shopping quick as lightning, got back home and–you’ve guessed it–watched more period dramas. Not enough hours in the day to watch those, I tell ya. Pride & Prejudice never gets old (the Joe Wright version, mind you, and don’t let me hear a word against Keira Knightley).

Dinner was this Minestrone Soup that I spotted in a Weight Watchers magazine. I’m a sucker for vegetarian and (accidentally) vegan recipes in magazines, so I grabbed this copy and was amazed at the variety of recipes inside. There is a fabulous recipe for Tofu Pad Thai; I tried it and loved it! I threw in whatever vegetables I had in the fridge for this minestrone, so it’s not exactly like the recipe in the magazine; maybe that’s why it’s not as tasty as it looked in the pictures, because the vegetables were a bit random. 

— Clem

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