A Vegan Abroad: What I Pack When Travelling

The Easter holidays couldn’t be more welcome: it’s been a long 4 weeks at uni and my mind and body need a break. My aunt’s kindly inited me to stay at her chalet in the Alps for a week so I can recuperate in the company of my family. She’s going to teach me how to ski–wanna bet I’ll impale myself on one of my skis?

All thoughts of gruesome death aside, here is what I’m packing food-wise. I’m not too sure yet what I’ll get to eat at the airport (though there is that giraffe type of place at Heathrow, if I remember correctly) or what they’ll serve me on the plane, but I’m guessing vegan options will be far and few in between. There is always the typical fruit and I guess there must be a smoothie bar somewhere, but a full-on veggie meal, that might be a bit of a stretch. Although you never know, veggie-loving seems to be on the rise, if only slowly; have you seen the adverts for Alpro hazelnut and almond milk? Who’d have ever thought, huh?

Anyway, digressing again. I’m very good at that. 

This is what I’m eating today in preparation of my flight:

Breakfast: green juice for energy, clear mind and an extra boost of vitamins

Lunch is a big bowl of courgette soup, just like my granny always used to make me when I was little, and steamed broccoli. Ready to rock ‘n roll, and off to the station for an hour and a half on the Underground!

Snacks will be plentiful, of course. I made my Malibu Marbles with no alcohol (wouldn’t want the dogs sniffing me, now, would we?) to have a healthy chocolatey snack while I’m waiting for my plane, and some 9 Bars as well. I usually carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, but they won’t let me through the gates with a full bottle, so I’m taking an empty one and I’ll fill it up in the toilets. 

I found a pot of Bulgur wheat and quinoa with tomatoes, basil and olives, from The Food Doctor. Apparently you just need to add hot water. How cool is that? I thought it’d be great to take with me on the plane; I can just ask the staff to heat it up for me. 

I also packed some porridge sachets to have a healthy breakfast every morning. I thought of having cereal, but that would require non-dairy milk, and what if they haven’t got any in the supermarkets where I’m going?

All neatly packaged!

I’ve just been told that there is no internet where I’m going, so I’ll have to wait till I come back to let you all know what I’ll be eating in Switzerland. Hopefully if I can get a lot of pictures, I’ll blog about it for the next WIAW. Stay tuned!

— Clem

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