What I Ate Wednesday #8: Friday, and the Lecture That Never Was

I was pretty nervous last Friday because of an essay that needed to be handed in that day. I’d struggled with it for a week and was at my wits’ end on Friday morning. I decided to just leave it as it was and not worry about it anymore; I printed it and handed it in just before class, which, wouldn’t you know, had been cancelled. Our lecturer’s husband came in to tell us (wouldn’t it have been better to just send us an email? Some of us at least might have seen it–I know I would have, since I was up at 7am) just as the lecture was supposed to start.

So I had a hurried 30 minutes of yoga in the park before my breakfast, a lovely clementine mango smoothie and one of my Jammy Oat Bars:

 Mali and I have a new neighbour, it seems. I call him Ginger, but really I don’t know who he belongs to. He’s been hanging around the flat lately but doesn’t get along very well with His Royal Highness.

As soon as I found out there was no lecture that day (my most hated lecture of all, lucky me!), I thought I’d just go straight back to the park and do some more yoga, eh? Why not; after all, the sunshine was so radiant and inviting–how could I stay indoors? This calls for a happy song 🙂 I went back to the park a third time just to go and read. 

Lunch was a sandwich with rocket, spinach, watercress, red chilli hummus and pomegranate seeds. I really love putting pomegranate seeds in my sandwiches; it gives them a little extra crunch and a whole lot of exotic flavour. Try it!
Dessert was an Alpro Soya blackberry yogurt.

My afternoon snack was half a tin of canned chestnuts. I raided Sainsbury’s when I chanced upon these canned chestnuts. They are by far my favourite treat, but they’re so unfortunately seasonal! Thank heaven for canned foods. I also had another cup of tea (had a huge amount in the morning).

I’ve also made this, which I will blog about soon!

That’s better.

Dinner was brown miso soup with quinoa, spinach and rocket, caramelised red onion, purple sprouted broccoli, peas and some more bread. 

Cat in the cupboard.

And that’s it for my Friday! Tell me what you’re eating today–are you trying anything new? Any favourite dish? Drop me a comment!

— Clem

5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #8: Friday, and the Lecture That Never Was

  1. Luckily, my father is on the late shift at the moment. This means some sort of flair can be used in the kitchen by either myself or my mother. Flair means lots of vegetables instead of chips! Meat is still very much in the diet though.

    Tonight, I know we're having something with potato salad, but other than that my food is whatever I feel like throwing together! I want your sammich.


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