What I Ate Wednesday #7: Green Is Good

This WIAW is a compilation of some meals I’ve had over the last week. I forgot to take pictures for a whole day (it’s been crazy busy around here, what with essays needing to be done every week for the last two weeks), so I figured I’d just share the most interesting meals I’ve had.
Breakfast of choice: Kiwi Green Monster

The book in the picture is Heart Thoughts by Louise L Hay. It’s a lovely little book filled with beautiful drawings and beautiful words. 

I don’t usually buy exotic fruit (except for bananas–I must’ve been a monkey in another life), but I was tempted by these kiwis. Perhaps St Patrick’s day made me want to eat more green food (the rest of this post seems to confirm this theory). Anyway it’s a twist on my usual Dino Smoothie I have for breakfast. 
If you’ve never tried a green monster yet, give it a shot–you’ll be surprised by how much you love it. I actually crave them, no joke. 

This is one is made with two kiwis, 1/4 cup oats soaked overnight (soaking them makes all the difference in the world!), a small banana, almond milk and kale. 
Lunch: Raw Courgette Pasta with Cashew Thyme Cream and Steamed Veggies

I love broccoli. I cannot get enough of steamed broccoli. I can’t say that purple sprouted broccoli tastes any different from the regular stuff, but it sure is pretty on my plate. Add some nuts and sultanas for sweetness and crunch. I also added pomegrante seeds that I had left from the recipe below.The cashew cream is made out of cashews, a few thyme leaves, salt, pepper and a bit of water. 

Dinner: Spinach & Pomegranate Salad with a Lemon ‘Vinaigrette’

More purple sprouted broccoli! I just couldn’t help myself. (Better to be craving broccoli than chocolate, right? Although I’ve been eating my fair share of that too…) This wonderfully filling and healthy salad is made a little bit exotic and colourful with the pomegranate seeds. The lemon ‘vinaigrette’ is literally the juice of one lemon, about a tablespoon of grapeseed oil, a tablespoon of brown rice vinegar and a squirt of agave syrup if you need it. 
Snacks: I’m head over heels in love with dates. Apples and other fruits are my favourite snacks now that the sun is out more often (anybody else feel like having more fruit in this sunny weather, or is it just me?). I’ve also been having a few indulgent snacks whilst I was baking and making treats for the Easter recipes. I went nuts for the White Chocolate Baileys Truffles and Malibu Marbles
— Clem

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