Malibu Marbles

When I moved to London over a year ago, the only alcoholic drink I really liked was cider but you can only have so much cider before you get bored of it. My friend Emily then introduced me to Malibu and Coke, and I have been sold ever since.

I’ve grown fond of everything coconutty, from pure coconut water to Malibu. Coconut treats and desserts are a divine revelation. I recently made Katrina and Karena’s (from Tone It Up) Krazy Koconut Karob Bites–the latest addition to my list of favourite nibbles–and their recipe inspired this boozy Easter treat. For a kids’ friendly version, substitute coconut water for Malibu.

Makes 16 small balls

200g cashews
2 tsp cocoa powder
100g shredded coconut
a splash of Malibu
6 pitted dates, cut into pieces

In a blender or food processor, blitz the cashews, cocoa powder and 60g of coconut into a fine powder. Add the dates, shred again. Place the powder in a large mixing bowl and add a splash of Malibu, just enough to moisten and bind the ingredients, and combine it well with your hands. Roll the mixture into small balls (a bit smaller than a golf ball). Roll the balls into the remaining 40g shredded coconut to cover them as if with snow. Refrigerate for at least half an hour before serving. 

— Clem

5 thoughts on “Malibu Marbles

  1. When I saw that there was Malibu in it I knew I had to look and my God do they look yummy!!!! 🙂 All of my favourite ingredients in it,they definitely look to good to share,is that why there isn't your cat in any of the pictures 😉


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