What I Ate Wednesday #6: Last Sunday, With A Mini Restaurant Review


My beloved tofu scramble 🙂

Morning snack:

Pink Lady apple. I. am. addicted. I love these sweet apples so much I’ve been having one every day for the past week or so.


A bucket load of steamed veggies with tempeh, topped with a little bit of sesame oil. I sat down at the table to eat my meal and was horror-struck by how little broccoli I’d actually prepared. I wanted to go back for more but then I wouldn’t have had any left till the next grocery shop and I just couldn’t bear that thought.
Dessert was a sliced banana with heaps of cinnamon. I’m uncontrollable when it comes to cinnamon. I’ve only just recently refilled my cinnamon shaker and it’s already nearly empty!

Afternoon snack:
A protein shake (not pictured), ’cause there really wasn’t much left to eat in the flat except protein powder and hazelnut milk, sooo… there. And I wanted something light before going to the restaurant (see below!).

Dinner: Pizza Express

My FAVOURITE restaurant in the whole wide world.

I get overly excited at the mere thought of eating there. I’d forgotten my camera but thankfully my dear friend who was eating with me took a picture of my pizza (after I’d already had a few bites). I chose the Gardiniera pizza, which was topped with artichoke, red bell pepper, olives, garlic oil, mushrooms, santo tomatoes and courgette on a tomato and pesto base. All pizza bases at Pizza Express are vegan. I obviously asked that the chef leave out the cheese. And you know what? It was unbelievably good. I ate the whole thing. I didn’t miss the cheese at all–and only a year ago, I couldn’t imagine having a pizza without cheese. It’s great to see how far I’ve come in just one year.

Oh, by the way, it’s my one year veganniversary! (Yayyy!) Look out for some great celebratory recipes coming soon!

— Clem

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