Pancake Day 2012: Crêpes with Vegan Nutella + Berries & Butterscotch

My fabulous Pancake Day breakfast:

I tried Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe for vegan nutella, making just a few alterations of my own simply because the whole thing wasn’t blending so well in my blender (I don’t have a food processor, sadly). The result is pretty damn yummy, I have to say. The perfect topping for a crêpe; simple, satisfying, and highly reminiscent of many happy childhood days. 

A few nights ago, as I was laying down my tired self in bed, my eyes already closing, I had an epiphany. No, really. It suddenly hit me–butterscotch. I wanted butterscotch cream on my pancakes for Pancake Day. I then remembered the leftover frozen berries in the freezer. Berries… butterscotch… butterberries… berryscotch…
I drifted into blissful sleep. When I woke the next morning, I practically had the whole recipe planned out. 

I only had the opportunity to try it out this morning, so this is literally a first ever trial and by the powers of Pancake Day, it turned out splendidly the first time around. Hurrah for the magic of Pancake Day!

To make 5 large crêpes

250g plain flour
500ml soya milk (or almond, or hazelnut, or rice)
2 tbsps flaxseed + 6tbsps water
2 tsps stevia natural sweetener

Whisk it all together and pour into a well-greased large pan. Bake, flip, bake.

Butterberryscotch Crêpes

Make the above recipe for the crêpe and just divide it if you’re not serving 5 people or you don’t feel like eating 5 crêpes (sometimes that’s just a wee bit too much).
For the butterscotch cream, melt 2tbsps sugar and 2tbsp vegan margarine (“butter”) in a small saucepan on low heat (LOW HEAT, FOLKS!). Meanwhile combine about a cup (or a big handful) of mixed almonds and cashews (or just almonds, or just cashews, if that’s all you have) with half a cup to maybe one cup of water in the blender. Let the nuts soak for 5 minutes or so and then blend. You will get a very tick paste. 
Next, get a wee strainer; I used my tea leaf strainer. Spoon or pour the cream through it to get most of the thick bits out. The cream will drizzle into the butter and sugar and combine to make a delicious cream. You will be left with a scoop of nut paste in your strainer, sort of like ice cream. Save it for later! You can eat it with some stevia or agave syrup on top. Yum!
Lastly, add a few mixed berries to the saucepan and just give the whole thing a few stirs so you streak the butterscotch cream with pink and blue. Drizzle all of this on top of you crêpe and dig in like a wild animal. You know you want to.

Cashew almond ice cream. No ice cream maker required. Totally accidental but most welcome byproduct of cashew almond cream for the butterscotch.

How was your Pancake Day? What did you eat?
— Clem

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