Drink Away The Winter Blues

… by drinking your greens!

… or orange…

… or luscious indigo.

Warning: this is a long blog post, but it’s worth it.

I recently tried a one day juice fast after reading Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet. If you have never heard of Kris Carr, take a look at her website, pick up a copy of her book or watch her documentary (I haven’t seen it yet). The information she shares in her book is purely mind-blowing. The truth is simple and as it turns out, not so scary at all. 

Don’t think you could drink nothing but green juice for a whole day?

I wasn’t sure I could do it either, to be honest with you. I mean, look at this blog. It’s all cookies and cakes galore. Me, not eating? You’re out of your mind.

But I did it. I figured I might as well give it a shot during my annual LOTR movie marathon: if I’m going to be sitting on my behind for 12 hours straight, I might as well not wolf down a bowl of mac ‘n cheeze and goodness knows what other kind of vegan junk food. And you know what?

It wasn’t too bad. I didn’t even feel hungry. I did have a hard time right after “lunch”. It’s my weakest moment of the day because that’s right when I find myself craving something sweet to carry me through the afternoon. Not because I’m hungry but purely out of habit, a habit rooted deeply in some twisted unfulfilled emotional yearning that I haven’t quite identified yet. But in the end, I didn’t do too bad. 

I now fast for one day each week, usually a Saturday or Sunday. I pick the day when I will most likely be home for a long time, if not all day, so I am not tempted by food on the go in the case that I should get hungry and then cave, and so I can quickly whip up a juice or green smoothie if it gets dire. 

I’ve also started drinking smoothies a lot for breakfast–about half the days of the week I will drink my breakfast instead of eating it. The most extraordinary and totally unexpected benefit was that I no longer crave chocolate or sweets for the entire morning, sometimes even the whole day. 

Did you get that?

No. cravings.

I rest my case. 

Now that I’ve rambled on for a good long while but hopefully not lost your attention, here are some recipes that I have tried out over the last couple of weeks. Click the link to see the recipe. Kris Carr’s recipe for her Make Juice Not War Juice is available on her website, crazysexylife.com.

Killin’ the Blues Smoothie

Dino Breakfast

Sun Burst Juice

Clem’s Version of Make Juice Not War

Amazon Warrior Princess Juice

This week’s What I Ate Wednesday will be my latest juice feast. Look out for it tomorrow!

— Clem

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